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Video Podcast

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I received one on the 20th from Amazon! Now I just want to see what other games are coming out.

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I just wanted to say "Thank You"

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Did anybody receive this yet? Id love to see the guys do a quick look!

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Cysteine Capsules......Shit works!!!! N-acetyl-Cysteine is one of the most important supplements when thinking about liver detoxification, hangover prevention and hangover treatments. Even having multiple drinks once a week has a powerfully damaging effect on the body, especially the liver. As the liver struggles to process the foreign ethanol, its enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase is converting the ethanol into acetaldehyde, a substance that is over ten times to thirty times more toxic than ethanol itself. Also found in tobacco smoke, acetaldehyde is an organic compound thought to be the primary source of hangovers, is a probable carcinogen and is damaging to DNA. In industry, acetaldehyde is used in making plastics and shares a chemical relationship with formaldehydefound in enbalming fluid. And while alcohol dehydrogenase and glutathione do a good job at converting acetaldehyde to its less harmful acetic acid forelimination, pounding on the booze over a short period of time overwhelm's the liver's ability to create glutathione, allowing more time for the acetaldehyde to damage the liver. This is where N-Acetyl Cysteine comes in. Part of the acetyl group with an attached nitrogen atom, N-acetyl-Cysteine is the derivative of the L-cysteine amino acid and a precursor of the Glutathione antioxidant of the thiol (sulfhydryl) group that is able to reduce free radicals. It is the mightyGlutathione that binds to rogue acetaldehyde, metabolizing the molecules to acetic acid for elimination. As a primer to alcohol consumption, N-acetyl-Cysteine primes the body with sufficient glutathione antioxidants and helps fight off the damaging effects of ethanol as it is being consumed (though not the actual intoxication). As a hangover remedy, acetaldehyde continues to be produced in the body well after you've stopped drinking, and taking N-acetyl-Cysteine helps here to produce the necessary glutathione to combat the continued presence of acetaldehyde. Benefits after abstinence include a further promotion of detoxification in the liver and as a free radical combating oxidative stress. It may further be helpful with complications such as HIV infection, cancer, heart disease, cigarette smoking, chemotherapy, cocaine addiction and dependence and is used in hospitals as an emergency antidote to acetaminophen poisoning. Again, I'm a beer lover not a doctor, so consult your physician before starting any liver detox or treatments. Multiple readings suggest dosing N-acetyl-Cystein with a vitamin C dose three times that of N-acetyl-Cystein, so ask your doctor.

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Nintendo Power has still been going for all these years? WTF.

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Quick look PLEASE!!! This game looks interesting to me but I still like the ww2 thing when done right.