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@zeik: Yeah, pretty much. Hey, it's been a while since I last played, ok? :/

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@zeik: I've got most of the parts for a Frost Prime, just need the systems but they seem to only drop in Tier IV towers? What a pain :/

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When I mean new, I mean any within the last year or so, which isn't really that new at all! I'll take a look, ta :)

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Mostly use Nova. Trying to level up a Trinity but don't think much of it.
Thinking about aiming to get one of the new ones though, anyone know if any of them are any good?

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I also put in 130 solo hours during beta, pre-UI change.

Tried to get back into it a couple of times but the couple of friends I occasionally played with had stopped playing by then and all the changes confused me. Definitely enjoying the renewed interest though and wouldn't mind getting into a clan so I don't have to try and find a group of randoms for events!

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Having put about 135 solo hours in but not having played for about a year, watching the quick look has made me want to get back into it. I always toyed with joining a clan but never really knew who to join or what to do, then I stopped playing.

Gutted the clan is full but I'm game for any overspill clan.

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And me (UK)

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Looks like all you need for a successful Kickstarter project is a feature on Giantbomb. Good for them for getting the funding. I didn't pledge as I've played one too many music based puzzlegames in my time, but the ones I have pledged to will hopefully turn out great.

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Looking forward to my day 1 Vita, but I'll just keep my 2 PSP's (1000 and a 3000) for my PSP games, and the Vita for my Vita games. Easy solution really.