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So did anyone else notice the UI elements in the upper right corner of the gameplay sections? I wonder if these are just artistic impressions of what XBL/PSN might look like, or our first glimpse of a new standard that MS and/or Sony has instituted, asking devs to surface network info in a minimalistic way while allowing it to remain ever-present on-screen. Regardless of whose idea it is, I really like it.

EDIT: Hmmm, nevermind, looks like it's in-game, similar to AutoLog.

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What exactly is the significance of comparing old console launch titles with new console launch titles? I'd much rather the staff spend time going something else.

No one mentioned showing new titles. Like I said in the OP, the idea would simply be to look at offerings available at the launch of each manufacturer's new console, in order to gain some perspective of the industry as well as a manufacturer's launch history.

It would also allow for us elderly members to indulge in some good ole fashioned nostalgia.

As for the "something else" that you'd rather see the staff do, it sounds fascinating!
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Well, I imagine there might be some kind of technical or time-constraint issue in putting out something like this, but I find it hard to believe that they would blow off every community idea solely because it was from the community/forums.

That being said, I rarely visit the forums or follow any of the community blogs, so I would have to admit to my ignorance of such occurrences.

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With the impending launch of a new generation of consoles, beginning with the Wii U this Fall/Winter, we can expect a wave of launch titles of varying degrees of quality. I think a retrospective of past launch titles, specific to each platform holder as their new console launches, in a similar format to the "SNES Party" and "SNES Time" events that have been produced in the past.

For example, maybe a month prior to the Wii U launch, the GB crew does a Nintendo Launch Title Retrospective Blowout, hitting launch titles for the NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, and Wii, offering some perspective on the quality and pedigree of launch titles of the past and how the new batch for 2012 stacks up. The retrospective wouldn't need to cover all launch titles for every system, even if it were only four launch titles for each system you'd be looking at 20 games being played and a nice chunk of content to boot (at least in terms of potential length of video, the quality is up to the GB guys to knock out of the park). The retrospective could/should cover the worst of launches past, in addition to the best because, man, there are some real stinkers that come out with just about every launch.

Ripping launch title lists from Wikipedia, here's the sort of titles that could be picked from:

NES U.S. launch: October 18, 1985

SNES U.S. launch: August 23, 1991

Nintendo 64 U.S. launch: September 29, 1996

Gamecube U.S. launch: November 18, 2001

Wii U.S. launch: November 19, 2006

Similar Blowouts could be held for Sony and MS as their new console launches grew near in 2012, both of which would cover notably fewer systems, but could still offer some nice perspective and even grant the GB guys more time to spend on titles from each system, as they wouldn't need to get through five generations of console launches.

So what do you guys think? Content you'd want to see? Train-wreck of an idea? I'm interested to hear what y'all think!

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I'm seeing on the North American iTunes store right now for $9.99.

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I guess I don't understand how this would work from a corporate level, with there being long-established "service territories". I could subscribe to Verizon or Comcast television services, despite the fact that I'm on Charter Internet? I can't imagine Charter would be thrilled.

Or could this be the a la carte "pay for the channels you want" nirvana that so many have wanted for so long?

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This could only get better if Penguin Will Smith was calling each race.

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I think something needs to be done about combo concepts. Take a look at the "Combo Types" section of Combo. It seems inconsistent that Ultra Combo has its own concept page but is not listed under "Combo Types", but Super Combo has its own entry and is listed under "Combo Types" but not linked properly, while Hyper Combo (from the Marvel vs Capcom series) has no alias or concept page at all, and is not  listed under "Combo Types". Not sure if the solution is to put all combo types under the Combo entry and alias them all to that page, or if every combo type needs to have its own concept page and be linked from the "Combo Types" section of the Combo entry, but right now there are listed combo types without their own concept pages or aliases. 
EDIT: OK, I've submitted each of the "Combo Types" as concepts, and they've been approved. Really just need someone more knowledgeable than me to fill out better descriptions than the ones that exist on the Combo page right now, and then start adding images, descriptions, aliases, and games to the new concept pages.