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I'm a guitarist and I don't like the games, I don't think it's to do with me being a musician, considering I disliked them before I played guitar. Regardless, I'm not going to condemn anyone for playing them, because I can imagine it would be good fun at a party among other things. Though, I will agree, anyone who puts a crazy amount of time into learning songs on expert difficulty should probably just pick up a real instrument. Once you get over that initial slump with your fingertips hating you and all that, I'd imagine the average person would enjoy playing guitar more than songs on expert difficulty. I'm probably biased though because I don't like rhythm games  that much.
I 'm real curious about that new Rockband controller though, the one that's essentially a guitar. I'm always a massive sceptic about things like these, but that thing looks like it works.
 Does it detect the difference between the same note from different octaves?
Can it tell the difference between a muted and a unmuted note? 
How well can it gauge vibrato? 
How much of a grace will it give you for not fretting a note correctly or for having your guitar out of tune?
Real interested, that software/hardware looks promising.

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Didn't enjoy Leigh's contribution to the whole thing, but it was a great cast otherwise. I loved the random cut to Drew and Paul's bread-maker analogy. Most of the guests were oresum, as per Giant Bomb usual.

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@Fragstoff said:
" @OmegaPirate said:
" As soon as they let me play with people outside the uk - then i'll talk to blizzard bout their stinking Beta.  All i wanna do is play with my friends from GB - who all live in america and canada - and its so damn region restrictive, i cant even add them as blizzard friends -_-.  Back to starcraft 1 i guess :/ "
so you and your NA friends can watch the lag popup screens every 2 seconds? "
A load of shit. Latency is higher, but still perfectly playable for anyone with a internet connection from this millennium. 
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A lot of people aren't too happy, mainly due to the fact that Bnet 2.0 is in reality a downgrade to WC3's Bnet. I've yet to see all that many discontent with the game itself, but a lot of people on forums don't seem to pleased with Battle Net 2.0 at all.

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I agree that boxed PC games in general are rather user-unfriendly, at least in contrast to console games. I mean, PC games are at a glance far more intimidating to operate than just throwing a disk in your console. System requirements, which are obviously something that PC gaming is unlikely to to get rid of any time soon, can very easily alienate those who are not very tech-savvy. The metric shit-tonnes of anti-piracy methods that exist can also be a major turn-off for most folks, and understandably so (Fuck the weird video-card names. Seriously, fuck them.), but they're kind of necessary for producing a commercially successful product in today's market. PC games would be ridiculously easy to pirate without the systems that are currently employed, and not being able to resell my PC games is a small price to pay for their continued manufacture.
Steam, on the other hand, is about as user-friendly as services come. You buy a game, you install it and you play it. All this without so much as having to place a foot outside, and some of the offers on there are just silly. If you haven't installed the Steam client by now I really recommend it. It is completely free, non-invasive and even makes for a decent free communication platform if you have a few friends who also use the service.

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Rofl, they're playing the Mighty Boosh atm.

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I'm still looking forward to Starcraft 2 (seems unlikely it will make a 2009 release at this point though), Borderlands, L4D2 (Kind of) and Modern Warfare 2.

A lot of 2's =O

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Cool Story, Bro.

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Nearing Cousin Itt length.

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A good, old Beam Shimmying competition seems appropriate.

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