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@akumous: I wouldn't even WANT square to make a sequel now, they havent made a game that gives any indication that they could make it even passable in quality in years

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Mine account was hacked and I am still completely baffled as to how. I generally make it impossible to even social engineer as I don't use any sort of logical responses to security questions, and use very secure passwords / don't give my account info to scandanavian princes / etc.

FIFA 12 showed up on my account as well. The really shitty part of having your account hacked (someone buying 5k in MS points in one night) would be easily averted if they would not FORCE you to keep a credit card on file so they can automatically bill you every year. Its fucking ridiculous

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I haven't had to wait more than like 20 or 30 seconds tops for a match as a soloist. havent tried in a party

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I feel like I've noticed it a bi, but more in the dialogue sequences

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@Dejkrigeren said:

I managed to save her without killing anybody... Fucking pacifist achievement.

same, on expert. I popped an energy jar, cloaked, and ran up into the fray and started tazering everyone while invisible in the main court yard, and then EMPd the robot as soon as it fell. After that, ran to the back and started picking the elevated guys off one by one with a mix of stun gun and takedown was easy as hell because they are all focused only on malik.

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fifa 12 happened all over my hacked account. only they also spent like 150 dollars in points too :-\

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co-op was awesome. stoked

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Curious, and im sure i'll sound like a bit of an ass, but back in high school my friend and I were obsessed with this game, and set out to beat it on every difficulty. Some of the maps were absolutely insane, but we managed to beat it on godlike without any cheating whatsoever. Probably the greatest accomplishment of my gaming career. Has anyone else around these parts done this as well?

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I actually just picked up GTA IV and finished it to 100%, and was struck again by the incredible scale and life of liberty city. I think this is an awesome way to pay homage to what rockstar built. Hopefully GTA V can address some of the small flaws IV had, looking forward to it!

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I think that the multiplayer made AC:B one of the best gaming values in recent history if not ever. I was extremely impressed with all aspects of the game and I played multi all the way to level 50 and then some. If they improved matchmaking / wait times significantly, and tweaked the gameplay a bit then Revelations could really be epic

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