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Worth every cent 0

I wrote as a comment on Brad's review of the game that I was happy with the $15 I had spent on the game, and that it warranted at least a 4/5. That was about at about 5 hours of game time. I'm almost three times that deep into it now and I can fully reiterate that sentiment.The game is absolutely gorgeous and I really find myself just stopping at staring at some of the environments (much to my detriment on some of the harder difficulties). The story is incredibly intriguing and dark as hell, whi...

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Valve Saved Science 0

I've been waiting to review this game until I finished multiplayer, and now that I have, I can give it the 5 stars it absolutely deserves. The single player campaign really warrants the rating by itself, as it is twice as long as the campaign from the original and features loads more story and humor. The voice acting really is utterly top notch. with J.K. Simmons making a very welcome appearance as the president of Aperture Science, and Stephen Merchant as the earnestly clueless Wheatley. The co...

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