Is the PC becoming the new Amiga?

Back in The Day - the 80's, yo - when polygons were pixels and games were something that only the nerds did, there was a games store near my house called the Hard Disk Café (I know, right?). The guys that ran it were a couple of bemulleted Amiga fans - and so most of the stock was Amiga games, with a fair amount of Atari ST and a small, video-store-porn-section-sized-(or-so-I-hear-never-seen-one-myself) PC section.
I remember walking past all the shiny Psygnosis posters to get to my corner of shame where, for all of 5 minutes - it didn't take long, I checked out the PC stuff. From time to time I'd get talking with the owners. Once, I suggested that PC support was improving every year and maybe, just MAYBE, the PC could be a dominant gaming platform some day.
They laughed in their snide, bemulletted way. 
Well, where are they now? I'll tell you where. They're DEAD!
OK, maybe not dead, but they were clearly wrong and are, therefore dead to ME.
But I got thinking, today. More and more games are being announced for the PC and Xbox 360, only to change to a 360 exclusive before launch. Just in the last week Alan Wake and Dead Space 2 have had announcements that they will only be made for consoles. Halo 3 looks like its never coming to the PC (don't actually care about this one, to be honest). Not to mention the Sony-exclusives. C'mon, guys. We're not the Xbox. Let me have Uncharted 2 and Hard Rain, dammit! I finished Indigo Prophecy and need to see what's next!
Does this mean that the PC is becoming the Amiga? It was the ubiquity of the PC that lead to its dominance over the Amiga, but surely that's happening with consoles. Console game sales are outstripping the PC all the time - even with genres born on the PC. I STILL can't do the FPS on a controller thing, I'm afraid.
Developers like Valve and Bioware give me hope for the future of PC games, but I still worry that one day, all we'll get (besides Valve and Bioware titles) is a parade of shonky console ports.
Actually, as long as Valve and Bioware stick with us, it might be ok.
Edit: This is not meant to come across as a "the sky is falling!" post. I was just remembering those smug Amiga guys and wondered if I'm feeling SOME of what they must have felt. There have been quite a few disappointing announcements regarding the PC versions of certain games, but the PC gaming industry remains strong. I'm not looking to change any time soon and I don't think I'll see the need. I DO hope they confirm Dead Space 2 on the PC, but :)