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I'm with you, duder. Was particularly bummed out tonight when the panel would have been on.

I'm being a mopey idiot in my hotel room now, but I'm going to cheer myself up with some quicklooks and be more cheerful tomorrow.

I'll be in my 2010 membership shirt. I'm pretty sure Ryan would be a bit pissed if we didn't enjoy ourselves.

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Nothing incoherent about this post, duder. Nicely written.

I think a lot of us are surprised at how hard we've been hit by this tragedy, but for someone to give as much of themselves to a community as Ryan and all of the guys have, is a really rare thing.

Most of us may not have met him, but he was definitely a friend to all of us.

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I've been in shock all day. I can't imagine what it's like for Anna, his family, friends and the GB crew.

He will be missed.

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I did a search but didn't see this posted. Apologies if I missed it.

On the New Games page, the platforms dropdown is now shorter than it was a week or two ago.

It used to have WAY more options (it was really clunky, to be honest, but now it's a shorter list. One without PC as an option.


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@Bourbon_Warrior: Max settings on a 580 are possible if you tweak DX9 to have HBAO rather than running DX11. Almost a solid 60fps running at Ultra on my 570.

DX11 on Ultra ran at 40-50 most of the time until I switched.

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I've got it running at a fairly constant 60fps on my i7 860@3.3 and GTX570 by setting it to DX9, but turning on AO in the settings file. Everything on Ultra.

Those benchmarks in the OP are bullshit. This game runs great.

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@zels: That's a Fruit iFruit. Silly!

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Getting back into Forza 4 and just picked this one up as well.

Would love to join up and get regularly thrashed in the monthly challenges.

Cheers PsEG.

Gamertag: Sixty Ton Angel

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