Photoshop.....well gimp request being taken!

Yeps you've heard it correctly if you want a Icon made give me the idea and i'll do the best to meet your needs. I'm asking for nothing in return really cept for your patience cause i've got alot going on cause i'm joining the army and all. Just pm me your idea or here in this blog and I'll do my best to meet your request.

Also random peeps on Giant Bomb keep a look out for me cause I'm going around and repairing Icons. By repair I mean stretched icons low quality icons. I feel everyone, even peeps who don't know how to use photoshop or gimp, deserve a cool icon. If I'm fixing your Icon I won't be changing it drastically really only recreating it in a higher quality.

Here are 2 happy users already these are random peeps I helped out:



So send me your pms and watch out for me to repair your Icon! Also be patient with me cause I gt stuff going on but I will try my best to get your icon done as quickly as I can!


Max Payne looks awesome!

Just saw the 2 max payne posters and the Max Payne Trailer for the Max Payne movie and I'm gonna see Max Payne now! Here are the 2 Posters but cut down for size sake:

Ohh yeah gritty brick wall!
Ohh yeah gritty brick wall!

I hope to hell that Max Payne will constantly be in pain in this movie
and popping pills all the time!

And Trailer via youtube:

I've been a fan of Mark Wahlberg ever since the Big Hit, which is a fantastic movie and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise, and this looks like another great movie by him can't wait to see it!


Loving the site

So I've been going around the site, editing some pages and posting on the forums, and I gotta say I love the site! Its easy to navigate and editing pages is  simple process. The only thing I wonder is if you'll get anything for getting more points for editing pages other then bragging rights. But other then that I really do like the site. I will be switching here from gamespot  cause gamespot has became a pain to navigate and I know giantbomb will not be slow forever cause i've been to comic vine and its pretty speedy! So let me know what you guys think of the site or what you don't like to, we're americans so we're always gonna have to point out the negatives :D

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