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@ravey: Sir those are amazing especially the Vinny, now i'm gonna try and track them down on

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Good words man. Just think though you have 20 years of the mans words to go back and listen to he'll live on though the internet.

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Right there with yah with the work thing cept for with college homework, I have 5 assignments due tomorrow and I can't find the will to do them now...we'll make it through this though just gotta remember the good times...

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Your not the only one, still trying to hold back tears cause I know Ryan wouldnt want people crying over him forever, feels like I lost a brother...

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@rrang: Right there with yah man I didn't expect to feel like this, I guess after someone makes you laugh for so many years they start to become a part of you.

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It hasn't kicked it'll hit me hard when it does...i've been watching and listening to this guy since early gamespot in 2000...almost 13 years i've been following this man and enjoying his opinions and humor...I know it sounds all corny typical ohhh some one died talk but...there is a hole in my heart now...RIP Ryan Davis...

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@eidderf: its the right kinda strange tho prob going to be my new wallpaper if I can every part ways with my custom made bioforge wallpaper that doesn't hold a candle your master piece hope to see more from you.

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Will not be bad at all, the visuals, from the little teaser we've seen, appear to be far beyond even modern Pixar stuff we see today, and Ratchet & Clank storys are always goofy and dumb fun so I think it'll be a fun hour and a half film for people!

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....guess I have to finish off Darksiders 2 real damn quick...just my luck I finally try the service and they might be shutting down soon..*sigh*