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Do people still use gramophones too?

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[...]maybe a mod like Jenn Frank or Zoe Quinn[...]

This part... this is just inviting more trouble.

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@cerberus3dog: That's a fucking terrible idea considering what's happening.

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We should be happy that they are a part of the gb community now and not dealing with this racism/feminism bullshit that has absolutely nothing to do with the site or the hiring process. Take that shit to Polygon.

This is exactly the kind of dog-whistle comment this community needs to stop tolerating.

Says who?

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@elixirbronze: Well, my reaction to your reaction of the reaction of the original reaction is that I concur. Does't make the original reaction any less stupid though.

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@danryckert: Hope you introduce super replays to Jeff since we're not getting an endurance run any time soon. :)