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How's playing the game with a KB+M in first person mode? If I do end up getting this game, I'll probably play it in that configuration.

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As others have said, they shouldn't have the event in the actual CBSi office floor that they're on. Not really conducive to a party atmosphere. Maybe there is an open lot in the CBSi parking lot where they can set up shop and have an actual block party.

As far as what to show... let Lang, Drake, Pope, and someone from Microsoft and Nintendo that the GB crew are friends with to show off some new games. Let the Tested crew have a guest spot to talk about VR and coffee. Give a segment to the Bunch of Dads podcast. Bring over some of the Gamespot crew to show off a few games as well. Maybe invite friend of the site Stardust to make an appearance? Oh man... if Dan can set up a video-game oriented wrestling match featuring the guys from Hoodslam, that would be great.

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I'm filipino so I'll have to watch it, but this match is happening 7 years too late.

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@korwin said:

Battlefront Server list 3 months in

  • 128 Player HOTH ALL DAY

Three months?! Why do you think it would take so long?

Also, I would have no problem with this. I just reinstalled BF3 and have only stuck with playing a 24/7 Norshal Canals 1000tk Fast Respawn server that was on my favorites list from when I was playing the game years ago. When you find the right map/mode for you, why change anything else?

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PS3, Xbox 360, and the Wii U. Don't know why I still have my PS3 and 360 hooked up though. I haven't turned either on in literally the past year.

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Do they announce when they are going to put tickets up on sale? I swear I only find out that PAX Prime tickets went on sale after they sell out.

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I ask this because I started to do the alternate ending first. Then when Pagan Min started to ask if Ajay knew who his father was I immediately Alt+F4'd the game, just in case I was about to spoil a plot reveal for myself. Does the alternate ending spoil the story at all?

Also, yea... I know I can just complete the game first and then do the alternate ending just to be safe. But since I know the alternate ending exists, if I don't do it now I'm just going to keep wondering what the hell happens if I just waited in the beginning.

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@izunadrop: Patriot for Swagger is still the top entrance song for me. Makes you want to do some shit for 'Murica.

@nathanxplosion: I really dug the Honma vs. Ibushi match. I usually root for Ibushi but god dammit I wanted Honma to land his falling headbutt.

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@fram said:

I'd be down for a Wyatt vs Taker match leaning hard into the supernatural angle. Make it a huge theatrical affair, and have it act as a "transfer of power." You could even do this in the buildup to the match and position Taker as a mere ageing man against Wyatt as this youthful new entity, magical lantern and all.

Urn vs. Lantern match. Whoever smashes the other's artifact wins. At the very end Wyatt breaks open the top of the urn. The lights go out in the arena and you can see a glowing "power source" from within the urn. Wyatt reaches in and takes the power source, which he places into his lantern to light it. Wyatt walks back up the ramp with his Undertaker-powered lantern.