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@gorillamopena: Fuck Total Divas... give me a show starring Lana and Renee.

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Probably Mass Effect 2 given how many times I've played it, but the way Mass Effect 3 ended left such a bad aftertaste for the entire series that I have a hard time divorcing the fun I had with ME2 with the frustration I had with ME3.

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@andorski: How is it impressive? It seems very much in line with expectation. It also seems like there is little to no difference with the ps4 version (judging from the screens). What is impressive is the apparent scalability demonstrated by the minimums.

Also note that R* may still cock it up, based on past history.

The game's recommended requirements matches the Witcher 3's minimum requirements as well as falling below recommended specs of most open world games that came out this past winter. So long as it's not a buggy mess R* seems to have knocked it out of the park.

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Bear in mind that these settings might be for 1080p 30fps. Hence the Radeon 7870 (closest gpu to the ps4).

Guaranteed it's for 30fps. Still impressive though.

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I voted "I hate video games" because you didn't give an option for "everything"

The poll allows for multiple selections. :)

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I'm gonna put this game's graphics settings on hard I mean high.

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The Citadel DLC for ME3 was the best use of fan service to me. It completely highlights the content you remember the most about the game - the characters - and weaves it into a story that emphasizes how Shepard's relationships with his crew was his ultimate power.

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So I can watch it on my phone but I'm prohibited from having that feed put on my TV?

Yea... fuck everything about that.

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Any update on whether I can stream this on Chromecast? I'm considering driving by a store to pick one up just for this PPV.