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What's the creative director from Far Cry: Blood Dragon doing? He seems fit for Volition/Saints Row.

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Am I overreacting, or is Charlotte the best heel female wrestler ever? The usual woman's heel gimmick is either crazy bitch (Alicia Fox, AJ Lee) or cold hearted bitch (Paige). Charlotte's size and strength gives her the "big man" type of threat that you get from guys like Kane or the Undertaker. Her ultra-competitive attitude is reminiscent of HHH. Both characteristics keep her far away from the "she's evil like any crazy woman you have dated" stereotype that many women from the main female roster in the WWE.

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A preview clip from today's episode.

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Premium content for subscribers. That's the best way to think about it, I guess. I too was confused/annoyed at the constant interchangeable use of the word.

They usually call subscribers "premium members" though.

@legion_ said:

I like subscriber better.

I do too, for no particular reason.

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Got this game used at Gamestop after Gamespot reviewed it so highly. I was terrible at it, but still found it really fun. Also, after a few levels the game would crash due to a scratch on the disc. I was able to get a full refund.

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Unless I'm forgetting another game, Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is the best multiplayer shooter on PC to come out this year.

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Mixing good whiskey is a travesty in its own right... but who the fuck mixes whiskey with Sprite?

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@sterling: No one - not even Dan - thinks K-Mart is fancy.

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According to a forum post, this game was played by GB at one point. I don't remember that video though, and I'm sure there haven't been many others who have played this game: MegaRace.

It's basically a prequel to Wipeout (hence the wheels).
This dude was an asshole.