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Flume just released a few tracks. Been putting them on repeat.

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He's essentially eating pizza rolls with ketchup. That's fucked up.

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More bigger guns is the best solution.

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If you are going to have a digital performer perform music live, you might as well take advantage of the situation and do so crazy shit. Have her warp around the stage or turn into a dragon midway through her set.

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Falco and Captain Falcon are well liked characters in the Smash community. The popularity they garner from this series eclipses the original games they were originally in.

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Dr. Tracksuit is such a sellout to big corporations. Best Buy product placement, much?

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From IGN's MyCareer preview:

  • And that's what I find most promising about MyCareer: its length and overall nature are up to how you choose to play your character as opposed to your win/loss record. Once you've gone through the basics, and made our way out of the performance center and onto the NXT TV broadcast, your progress is based on your social media fanbase.

Somewhere Zack Ryder is flipping his shit.

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Followed the crew when they were at Gamespot. 1up imploded.

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Can there be multiple HiaC matches at this PPV, or is there only one HiaC?

I hope there is only one match and it's used on the Bella Twins. It makes my decision to stop watching WWE a lot easier.

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@anywhereilay: What do you need to drop down to? My GTX 780/i7-4770k/16GB RAM can run ACIV at 1080p60fps.