My S-Ranked Games: You Can Do It Too!

Just listing all the games I have "S-Ranked," i.e. games that I have all 1000 Achievements points in and games that I have a Platinum trophy in (I'm including trophies too, even though Giant Bomb doesn't track them at the moment).  This list isn't purely for stroking my ego though - I'll rate how easy getting all the Achievements/Trophies is and give some advice on getting that S-Rank.  Hopefully, some lonely soul reading this list will get some use out of it and move one step closer to being an Achievement whore and/or Trophy hunter.
Please Note: Due to the nefarious decisions made by the Giant Bomb crew, some of my S-Ranked games might not be ranked S anymore, as the site accounts for achievements that are added post-initial release.  So if I don't buy the newest DLC that comes with achievements, all my hard work gets downgraded to an 'A'.  Blasphemy, I say!  To make me feel better though, those games will still be kept on this list.
Quick tip when gunning for those S-Ranks: Always check if there are 'missable' achievements/trophies.  Nothing is worse than finding out that you missed an achievement/trophy and the only way to get it is to replay the whole game again.  I recommend going to for all Xbox 360 exclusives and multiplatform games.  For PS3 exclusive games, go to  The communities for both sites do a great job at quickly finding out which achievements/trophies are missable.  I marked games on the list with missable achievements/trophies.

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Posted by DrivingBj

Nice guide. Lots of good tips.