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$77.4 million.

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One step closer to Vinny's newsletter.

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@xymox: That's Jeff Gerstmanh totally different.

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Yeah, nope. I'm pretty much a high schooler who feels like he's missed out on a lot of the seminal moments of growth that people are supposed to feel.

Also I'm the less successful sibling who feels like their parents put more effort into.

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Applied. Though to be honest I'll probably be busy with Titanfall. Though if I play some Battlefield sometime that'd be cool.

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@pimblycharles: I feel like with some colours it could look like something in Guachamelee. Which is a compliment. Not saying you need to add colours or anything though.

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That's really freaking cool. I'm assuming that it's a landmark and not some sort of user created thing. Even if it is still cool.

And ha, Jeff Green burn. Well not really but still funny.

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@zeik: Don't forget John C. McGinley. I think it works best with three people.

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@akeldama: Yeah, as someone with an Xbox One the fact that I can't see battery level is crazy. Doesn't help that I feel the battery life is a good amount shorter than a 360 controller. Kind of miss just pressing the guide button and seeing that interface. Though I don't exactly hate the One's it's just they could have kept a lot of good features from the 360.

As for the vibration, Halo: Spartan Assault uses it a little and I can't say I'm blown away. It's neat I guess.

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I'm interested to see any live show ideas that happen. Or the Raid which I hoped could be sponsored by the Raid 2: Berandal.

But I'm sure I'd like whatever they decide to do.

Also my premium subscription was supposed to run out on the 31st but it's still going. Don't tell anyone I guess?