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@undeadpool: I think flirting probably has a lot to do with a British accent. It's like how Craig Ferguson does it (he's Scottish but an accent is an accent.)

How is the commentary team on NXT? I don't have the network but from the free month it seemed like commentary is pretty good. All the people just seemed happy personality wise.

Didn't get much of a read off Graves though.

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The only weird thing I see is that Goro ISN'T with the Kombat Kollection which creates a weird sense of missing out even when you get the season pass. I mean I wouldn't think the same thing about a separate season but I do think it's weird.

But I think NetherRealm has at least created a decent expectation for DLC. It'll be a couple of characters but the game still looks like it's shaping up to have a pretty sizable roster.

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@kubqo: They did. They just mentioned it near Feb 11 when it was first announced when that article was written.

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@delex: Ha I didn't look at the actual box art. I just trusted the game wiki page.

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@papercut: Is Sam Witwer Chyna? That's kind of a waste since I always thought he should play Randy Orton in the totally gonna happen, Randy Orton biopic.

And Max Landis rubs me the wrong way and I have no idea why.

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Okay so DmC: Definition Edition bombed but what about DmC: Definite Edition?

But I remember two years ago when I just read threads about people acting like this game kicked them in the shins and then stole their dog and that made me want to avoid any and all talk about DmC. Just good lord. If I had a list of most unpleasant fan reactions it'd be DmC, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Mass Effect 3 talk all fighting for top spot.

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@dryker: digitalcybercherries at is the email but I can't imagine they could help you since I don't think they did anything to cause the problems you are having.

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@dryker: What the contact button gives you an email to go to. For me it tries to open Outlook but I think it'll just open whatever email program you have. If you have an email program.

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Man GameFreak will do the weirdest thing if you let them. Looks neat though, the art style reminds me specifically of a few Cartoon Network shows.

Also I'm assuming this will be the end credit song.