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@divergence: Well she was at Ubisoft Toronto which was the main studio for Splinter Cell Blacklist but with the way Ubisoft "outsources?" (insources?) who knows what Ubisoft Toronto did on anything.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mass Effect, and Bastion are three games off the top of my head that are great at using music for a mood. I think they all have great music alone or with the game.

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I got the ship, which I think is kind of ugly but it's rare so I'm using it. It's like the pink cadillac of spaceships.

So if I'm correct in my non-existent fact checking there was a helmet, chest piece, ship, and sniper rifle?

Anyway pretty excited for the Iron Banner event because I like the look of that stuff. Bad end is that the Iron Banner focuses on the crucible which I like but I don't want to focus on one thing in Destiny.

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@bisonhero: They got really drunk?...

Or messing with town actors to break character if there are actors. I feel like there would have to be.

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I have no real tips but boy do I envy you. I'm Vietnamese and I've only been to Vietnam once when I was like four and all I remember was getting mosquito bites all over my body (which in retrospect seems dangerous) and not getting to really take it in. My family doesn't exactly have travel money so we've never been back. Kind of depressing since I have the thought I ruined it.

Anyways hope you can share some of the experience I'm fascinated by how it is now and how non Vietnamese people see Vietnam.

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@zeik: Considering something like Persona though I would have thought they would just get names. Though Chie in Persona 4 was the person's first role I think.

Still super weird but thanks for the info.

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@sunbrozak: They didn't disclose a voice actress? That's super weird. And sounds like it would be against rules of...something, I dunno.

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Brad has also mentioned eating hats before.

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Looking at his Wikipedia page...oh Galaga guy from the Avengers.

So we know Nathan Drake is in it. So villian or Drake has is a Sully figure to another character?

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I always go into these things hesitant about what to say in case I mess up but here goes...

Jeff's stories about his father always made me smile. There were a lot of ones that felt like he really tried to understand Jeff's hobbies and always made me want something like that but still the stories really made me happy.

My condolences to Jeff and his family. Always feels weird as a random internet person saying that but I do mean it as much as possible.