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@sinusoidal: There's kind of something like that in my opinion. Spoilers.

I mean you still have to side with someone in the end, but I just ended up shooting Amita and making my own story that Ajay just fucking left shortly after.

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@do_the_manta_ray: I mean why waste money when you don't have to right? I think using royalty free music isn't a sign of low production values but being efficient.

Now making another game based off Saints the third and re releasing it on next gen consoles? There's some production value.

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You know I'm bummed it didn't get a quick look either because every time I've seen this game I've actually said "this looks kinda neat."

Like it looks stupid but fun stupid.

That box art is really bad though. And I could imagine the ads for this thing being terrible.

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It is the Dr. Dre of video games.

I'd actually probably be down to play had I the option.

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@privodotmenit: Really? I never found the character design of Sonic great but I think the thing this game had going for it was that the characters at least look different. Though it being a tie in for a cartoon explains that.

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According to their blog they did this for owners for Humble, Steam, and Twitch. I didn't even know Twitch sold games.

Also from that blog is the fact that I missed a Christmas hat from Ridiculous Fishing. Damn.

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@jak90: Yeah I'm sure it didn't but these days people will latch on to anything. Thanks for the info though.

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On Twitter when I happened to click the trend with Patrick's name some guy was claiming there's a story with Patrick and blacklisting which I've literally not heard of before that moment? I'm assuming that's some weird out of context/non existent claim? I'm curious but I realize I could be jumping into a rabbit hole of shit I don't want to deal with.

Anyways I actually do read Kotaku. I don't actually dislike most of the writers and it's a decent place to get news. I think it's a nice fit. Personally some of the way Patrick expressed opinions bothered me but I never outright hated him. Sometimes I thought he was a weird fit but then I would just focus on something else. But I'm sure he'll do great and maybe he'll do a video feature.

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@berserker976: I'm so bummed nothing comes of her dance lessons. I mean come on!