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Does Jeff know you can play as Kinzie? He seemed to only mention playing as Gat was unappealing to him.

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This is a comment. But this is not a pipe.

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@kanerobot: You can't be Dan's Frank Grimes, John Drake is Dan's Frank Grimes. I've observed this before.

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@bisonhero: Everything I've seen about Ace Attorney's translation is hilarious because it's like they've given up. Also the fact that the games take place in the future and that's not talked about. And the judge's brother is Canadian or something?

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"Yoshi could eat a peach for hours."

Bombcast 11/11/2014 2:33:45

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@brendan: Neither have I but the last one was rough. Like I found there to be redeeming qualities most years, none for last year.

And yeah looking for these game awards to be the Oscars of video games is silly. GDC is probably the closest you'll get it's just they're not too well known. Though I think I've seen them on TV before.

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@spraynardtatum: I always liked that because it gets so many people playing new multiplayer maps as opposed to having to have seperate playlist with lower populations. Like say what you will about Mass Effect 3's multiplayer but all the DLC was free because I'm assuming they made so much money off the microtransactions.

And the DLC added a lot of stuff like new maps, classes, enemies. I thought it was neat.

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@fredddi43: Little Inferno would be cool. I've played a bit of that before and burning stuff is fun.

Cool that you're doing this. Happy Halloween too!

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@deadpancakes: I was just trying to make a funny point. I realized what you were trying to say.

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@deadpancakes: Only two people in this picture work for Giant Bomb.