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@cowman: Oh man Pit Fighter like fighter would be the best/worst thing ever.

Oh how about FMV dating sim? You know the Rand guys are into some freaky stuff.

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@seikenfreak: Same cast different characters. Like American Horror Story or other anthologies.

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@carnelust:Beliveable is a good way to describe it.

Emma would probably fit in well in CSI or something. Though she might be the worst liar ever.

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Does this begin with "Don Mattrick was unable to attend for...reasons."?

But man it's incredible how easy it is to pin stuff on Mattrick. Partially because they totally should be pinned on that guy. Anyway interested to hear this thing and hopeful that Peter Moore just comes off as way too casual.

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@zereta: Oh yeah it was unexpected in some ways and I too expected someone different when they kept mentioning "new character" but it makes sense in a way.

Like it is a totally wasted opportunity but I feel less spoiled and more that could have been cooler.

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@glottery: Is that really being spoiled though? That's years of comic storylines in 90 minutes so a lot of people are aware of it.

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@Chocobodude3: I'm pretty sure Malik being changed to Chinese would seem odd to some.

As for the question at hand, Edward Norton.

Jeff Gerstmann's answer aside I think Jensen is a blank enough slate where they could pretty much cast any Hollywood leading man.

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@zolroyce: He's actually directing Doctor Strange now so I'm not sure about the development of Deus Ex. Like most video game movies it's just kind of in limbo.

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@bollard: As the sole survivor and cryochamber subject, you definitely aren't the baby.

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@hatking: That thing has to have a Wiki page here so you're probably good.

I like how its hand is out like it's asking for directions.