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The ending was really underwhelming. They talk about the universe like it's something I know a lot about (and I've read a bit of the grimoire) it feels rushed and empty and it's a lot of wasted potential just for set up. There is barely a journey through the missions it's just kind of a quest line. Like it's kind of a bummer because I want to know more about the Exo Stranger or literally any character. And I'm not even sure if beating the dark god thing did anything because they like to remind you that it's only the beginning. Are the Vex even defeated fully?

At least the ending does set up that the Exo Stranger is doing something.

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@sub_o: There's probably a demographic study out there where that makes sense.

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Great now we just have to find out what the crazy thing people were saying Drew was up to. Unless that is this but I doubt that.

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Exo for me. I find it hard to create characters that attempt to look like me so I'd rather go on the other end of the spectrum.

Though I also made a pretty cool looking human female character. But first Exo.

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@icemael: Sounds like Kavisky Odd Look. And I'm only a month late. @psylah: The Iranian model Vinny thing might be my new favourite thing.

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@mchampton: Thanks you're doing work I should have done.

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@sgtsphynx: Yeah that would suck. Luckily, I guess, my eyes are naturally bad.

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@pyromagnestir: Dan ate a light bulb once because he liked the idea of being a Jack O Lantern.

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People should not be surprised by Dan's Daness. Here's a story of maximum Dan somewhere in the video. If you don't have time to watch it (it's hilarious) I've written what the dumb thing is. That being said Dan seems cool unless talking about anything animated.

This is Dan we're talking about. The dude had glasses as a child because he flunked his eye exam because he thought glasses looked cool. He then proceeded to wear them for a year, resulting in him needed glasses and being nearly legally blind by 25.

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@yummylee: Yeah from watching video Aiden just seems like a dick. I mean I handled Jason from Far Cry but Aiden seems like a no fun dick.