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@regularassmilk: Yeah it's hard to separate criticism and people who really dislike people on this site. It's a tough line where you don't want to be grouped in with the crazies.

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@regularassmilk: I honestly think that's my problem with it. I don't want to listen to the Bombcast for video games. It's a great jump off point and of course there's video game talk but my favourite moments will always be random tangents and dumb references to things that I don't get 50% of the time.

But I have really weird opinions about things on this site so what do I know?

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@bananasfoster: I mean sure but if my complaint was "the story mode is short" having additional towers with 30 seconds of story doesn't solve that. I think it's a good amount of game but I think it's a valid criticism.

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@hypnotoadbrwowrowrow: Yeah Brad has done that a few times. Even when he's kind of joking about it. Like Dan is going to describe a gross story and does the "No...NOPE...stop" stuff.

I don't know it bothers me but I don't want to sound too down on Brad. Just my preference. It's not like I'm not listening to the Bombcast every week.

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I'm kind of put off by the hosting style of Brad. He plans things, I like things to be completely casual.

Dan sometimes gets...too Dan.

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I mean the main story is kind of short. I feel like MK9's story was a bit longer but that honestly might be because I had to retry a lot in MK9.

I don't feel like the arcade towers add too much if they have gripes with the story's length. An arcade tower isn't equivalent to more story. The story mode is still short there are just towers too.

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@altairre@hatking It's no Hat Judge but I bet a girl would be impressed.

As for DuckFan, it's got a good ring to it. It's a good name to just say quickly and easily shared to friends.

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Wait so it's taking the sex cards to its logical conclusion?

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@alkusanagi: They say a second season is a possibility but I imagine the other series make it messy. And the Defenders is going to be short compared to the main series so probably not there.

I think Fisk is fine. He's childlike sure but there's a menace there.

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@caudill: Yeah I know what you meant. I heard of K'un Lun before but never of the other cities.