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@mchampton: Thanks you're doing work I should have done.

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@sgtsphynx: Yeah that would suck. Luckily, I guess, my eyes are naturally bad.

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@pyromagnestir: Dan ate a light bulb once because he liked the idea of being a Jack O Lantern.

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People should not be surprised by Dan's Daness. Here's a story of maximum Dan somewhere in the video. If you don't have time to watch it (it's hilarious) I've written what the dumb thing is. That being said Dan seems cool unless talking about anything animated.

This is Dan we're talking about. The dude had glasses as a child because he flunked his eye exam because he thought glasses looked cool. He then proceeded to wear them for a year, resulting in him needed glasses and being nearly legally blind by 25.

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@yummylee: Yeah from watching video Aiden just seems like a dick. I mean I handled Jason from Far Cry but Aiden seems like a no fun dick.

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@mormonwarrior: I actually always liked John Marston because if you're not playing like a monster Marston is trying to be somewhat of a good man. He seems honorable and is trying to be a gentleman. Any conversation with him and Bonnie always made me smile because you kind of see Marston being grateful for Bonnie saving his life and being friendly.

Of course you can also tie people up on train tracks so really it depends on how much you ignore that.

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I sent a request with my Xbox profile. If this really is PSN only though that's cool.

GT: CHRISBREEZY0413. Yes it is a bad gamertag.

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@doomocrat: I refuse to believe that's the real price.

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I think it's really fun actually. Though wish I could try it on different difficulty since I've won every time, though probably because the game makes the hits you can take pretty generous. Another thing is that I've really only played around with striking since I haven't really needed to grapple or go to ground.

Looks great too, hope they have entrances though. The UFC games always missed those.

Oh and funny thing is that when I was playing for the first time my brother was watching and told me to skip the tutorial. I go to skip and then Dana White yells at you for not spending five minutes to learn the game. It was actually really funny when both of us didn't expect it.