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Pretty sure the only thing real about this show is their dislike of people different from them.

I was going to make the "Bigotry Simulator 2015" joke.

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My body is ready. These tears are of joy...

@amreese said:

I sure hope you aren't serious, Maurdakar, because there is literally nothing to suggest that Civ has ever tried to portray things realistically. Or do you truly think Babylon is alive and well and is going to attack us with mechs?

Psshhh.. don't be unrealistic. The earliest I've gotten giant death robots was probably the 1900s, and clearly Babylon was wiped out before then :P

I get his point, but to make such a stand in the comments section of a trailer of a video game....

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I very nearly choked due to terrible timing with swallowing at the "at some point that's just gone" part of the underwear crotch talk. You almost lost a subscriber.

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So glad to see the crew agreeing with my initial thought that Brad made the only correct choice with the Dwarf in Golden Axe. *Always* the only character I play, now and forever.

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I played the hell out of Road Rash for the Genesis in the day, and since that game's save battery is dead...

Gut reaction is - really? Guns, axes? The idea was to cheap-shot with blunt weapons like clubs, chains, and electric shocks. The part where you actually killed someone might only be implied by the fact that you brained them and their bike head-on collided with an oncoming vehicle and exploded, not that you actually put a bullet in them yourself.

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Thing number one for next time: build something to protect the screen from glare (or somehow hook an occulus up to a 3DS?)

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@deegee said:

Dan mentioned that Drew already knew a big spoiler about a character in MGS2, does anyone know what that is?

I know that Dan talked about Solidus Snake and also the final boss fight in MGS 2 very explicitly in the Demo Derby.

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I had no idea this was going to be 3 hours... man, I'm glad I didn't try to stay awake to watch this live... (but don't get me wrong - super stoked to watch now!)

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@sweetz said:

@brad: Author name blank for me too on both PC using Firefox and iPad using Safari - I don't think it's a browser issue...

It shows on the homepage for me, but not on the review itself.

And the previously posted blank for inside the review.


The game was on my radar mostly because I heard about it all over the place in some podcasts I listen to and just general buzz, but when I realized i might actually play the game I avoided looking at coverage of it. I managed to even be surprised by the Quick Look that it played so much like Assassin's Creed and the nemesis system is more nifty now that I actually see it in action instead of try to paint a picture in my head based off people just spouting the buzz phrase over and over. So glad to see it be an awesome surprise gem. I'll pick it up as soon as I can, but I've been bleeding so much money outside of the whole video games thing lately...