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Don't forget Titanfall. People loved that game at launch, and then they didn't for whatever reason.

I'm worried about Dragon Age, but there are plenty of gaming fallbacks if that doesn't turn out to be something I want to play. This year has had enough good games to keep me sated.

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From what I'm reading, at least, you're doing it right - but the only place your friend can summon you is for the Cave of the Dead area for the first DLC (not sure just yet about the second). It's an optional area cut off from the rest of the DLC.

I also *think* you can get summoned to the DLC area as a member of the Way of the Blue, but that would obviously be a temporary and difficult thing to make use of.

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@bybeach: You can view it through some trickery mentioned earlier in the thread.

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It's.... a number. Never knowing how it's calculated and knowing it's often calculated through all the BS side stuff I would only ever do out of boredom - in a gaming environment where I'm never quite bored - I tend to ignore it and use it as a general calculation of my progress through the main parts of the game.

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Personally: I had just pulled the trigger on a 3DS XL moments before hearing the news of the new one and cancelled the order.

For you: you seem to want a specific title and there are already a whole bunch of other games to play. I still have my old "small" 3DS to fall back on in the meantime, whereas you have nothing. There's also no solid release date for the new 3DS outside of Japan, and no reason to think a whole lot of games will support its proprietary additions (unless you want to play other already existing games with support for the dumb 'ole second thumbstick addon).

So... the real question is just how much you want to be playing a *new* Smash Bros game while it's in the spotlight. If the answer is highly, then I'd say buy now. If not, it probably won't be *that* much longer a wait for the "new" models.

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The last Sonic Game I played and enjoyed on older consoles was Sonic 3D Blast, but probably because I had less to play at the time.

The last best traditional Sonic game was Sonic 3 & Knuckles. There was also all of those GBA releases which were fun to an extent, but lacked the soul of the level design in particular that the older games had. I also later played Sonic CD and recognize it as a pretty awesome Sonic experience compared to recent games, but I've never put the time into completing it.

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We can't have this conversation until we hear their opinions on the hot new Pokemon (re-)releases this year.

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All games age poorly, but Metal Gear Solid is and always was a watershed moment in gaming. Backtracking to get a sniper rifle might have been padding, but it was also a major gameplay hook which forced you to figure out how to find the item you needed to face the boss.

I say that as someone who hasn't played a Metal Gear game outside of Solid, small bits of the NES and MSX games, the entirety of the forgotten Ghost Babel/ Metal Gear Solid for the GBA, and a piece of Peace (Walker). For reference with my familiarity with the series.

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The first game because it was the most survival-horror-ish and I'm the kind of person who cannot play those kinds of games normally. I had to force myself through it, and I'm glad I did because it's one of my favorite games of all time. The single ship, stranded, confined nature of the game and it being the initial discovery of the story behind the creatures definitely helped. Also, it made the best use of that one invincible enemy which was easily the most memorable and scary thing the series has ever produced (Dead Space 2 had a cheesy moment where they just threw two of those at you at once for a time, and then I think 3 had... surprise, 3 at once).

Dead Space 2 is still a great game for all the improvements they made to the more archaic design decisions from the first game, and Dead Space 3 - while being easily the most inferior of the trio - was still a lot of fun to play because the weapon customization system was a lot of fun to work with. It's a very similar arc to the Mass Effect series, except I do personally prescribe to the idea that Mass Effect 2 was the better game even while acknowledging the unfortunate things lost in translating the game to less RPG and more action.

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@ripelivejam: Except for the part where he's Sausalitoing stuff and then re-freezing it.

The avoidance of wine is the actual tragic part, though. You don't need to be a connoisseur to realize why it's better than beer (because the occasional craft beer is great, but most beer tastes just north of piss).