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Dear Jeff Gerstmann,

Please write more.


Andrew Perkins

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I guess I need to get me some Steam friends.

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@khann said:

@maxx77 said:

All I know is, that was an amazing pace lap.

Seriously, why was that pace car so damn fast?

It may have seemed fast because there were some people, that were warming their brakes and tires up by speeding up and then NAILING the brakes. I noticed in my mirror this was causing some big gaps to appear and probably caused people to go VERY fast in order to close the gaps.

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@morello: I think you gave me enough room. I looked at the replay and I slid out and tagged you... my fault! I should have gotten the tow, you are right. Instead I tried limping back to the pits and after limping back AND the repair time I was already two laps down. When I came back out I couldn't get into a rhythm for some reason. I learned me lesson, though. This morning I did another MX-5 Cup race and after passing for the lead in that one the guy that I was passing turned into me to spin me around (it looks AWEFUL on the replay). I took the tow back to the pits this time and when I got back out I was still on the lead lap and managed a very good sixth.

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Well... that was a tough track! It is constantly trying to throw the car off balance. Sorry to whoever was in second early on! We touched when I was trying make a pass into T1 and that caused us to spin. The subsequent collisions really missed up the car and my night was done.

On the bright side, I was able to get into the next MX-5 Cup and took my first victory in that!! Silver linings to everything!

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@pseg: I can't see it either.

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I just tried my first race in iRacing at Okayama and it was frustrating to say the least. I had surprisingly qualified third for the race I was split into (I managed a 1:53.50); however, the two dudes ahead of me were about 2.0 s/lap faster. I tried my damnedest to stay out of their way at the start and just keep the car straight. I managed to do that and get a good launch. I may have been able to sneak into second; however, I figured that wasn't worth the battle given the speed difference.

So after slotting comfortably into third and fending off a brief challenge going into turn 2 I was well setup for turn 3. It was at that point that the dudes in front of me decided that they didn't want to win the race. One of them out breaked himself on the cold tires and slid into the leader, who was running wide anyway. This caused them to spin and slide down the track (turn 3 is cambered) and of course, right in my way. I tried to take to the grass on the inside to try and avoid, only to be tagged in the door and shoved into my own spin, which caused me to hit the wall and destroy my steering.

Thus my latest race, and my first race, ended up with me having to bail and get nothing from it. Super disappointed because I figured I was well setup for a top 5, maybe even a top 3. Oh well, I guess there is always tomorrow.

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@pseg Thanks for putting this together. I'm really looking forward to racing in the league!

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This is a great weekend feature. Thanks for adding it!

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