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I know I am going to get people who disagree with me on this but the only real problem I see with the new character design is the face itself. I can live with black hair turning into silver because he is younger and is shows transition into who he is now. I can handle the slim physique because this again shows transition into who he will become. The face however shows a complete disregard for how he looked before because without plastic surgery as he aged he would look completely different. This includes things like a much narrower face to an extreme or higher cheekbones etc... With other games in the series I can see how he changed as he grew older up until number 2 where he looked much younger (Whether this is cause of trigger I do not know). The problem I have had with the DMC series as a whole is Capcom can never seem to get it right where the want the series to go and it ends up being a ton of prequels and jumping in the story. The order that DMC actually goes in is DMC3 > DMC1 > DMC AS > DMC 4 > DMC book 2> DMC 2. I have not read the first book so I do not know where that goes. (Please tell me if you know). In each series they have kept most of the story pretty straight though, Such as in 1 and forward he has always had devil trigger from near start of the game. In 1 he did not instantly start off with it because he was using the Edge rather that rebellion which is actually his sword. If he discovers trigger in this game it will totally invalidate how he got it in DMC 3 which is something I hope they don't overlook.