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They NEED to talk about the objectification of men in muscle march

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Maus, an old icelandic band

Sólstafir, really epic icelandic metal. I don't listen to a lot of metal but there is something special about this band

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this is too hard, i had to give up

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Reykjavík iceland

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@gyrfal: those are a member of our parlament and a member of a really cool heavy metal band



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transformer 2 or avatar

why are these movies both over 2 hours?

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@sniipe: check these out

if you like sigurrós you should really like amiina

Singapore sling


eigum allt of mikið af góðri tónlist

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Gone too soon, like so many great men.

We will miss you

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i have an extra wilson and maxwell card

need a willow card