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Great article, Patrick. Very thoughtful. Thank you.

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Rest in peace, Ryan. Condolences to everyone at Giant Bomb and to all those who loved him. I am deeply saddened, and so very sorry for your loss.

-Andrew Navaro

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Well written, Steven. Thank you.

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It was a good run while it lasted. Thank you, Doctors for the great games. Godspeed!

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If you want an Infinity Engine game but don't care much for story, I'd go with Icewind Dale 2. It's practically non-stop combat from start to finish. Multiplayer is not the strong suit of any of those games, and Neverwinter Nights, while it is much better for multiplayer, is closer in gameplay to KOTOR and Dragon Age than it is to the Infinity Engine games.

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Team Fortress

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It sucks for the people laid off, but I'm more excited about a single-player 40K RPG than I was for the MMO.

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I've discovered that if I hold right on the right analogue stick while a DVD is playing I'm able to access the playback functions as normal. I'm guessing this means that the right analogue stick of my Sixaxis controller is out of alignment or something, but I'm not entirely sure. It'd be easy enough to test if I owned a second controller.

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Patrick, sometimes I want to punch you. Sometimes I want to hug you.

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I've encountered a problem with my PS3 where my controller won't function during DVD playback. It works just fine in the XMB. It works just fine for games. But, when I put in a disc, DVD or Blueray, I can't even scroll through menu items. Additionally, if I put in a previously watched disc, the PS3 will pause the video, and I am unable to un-pause it.
Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can fix this? I've reset the system to the default settings, and that didn't have any effect. I'm hoping that I don't need to just reformat the whole thing.
Any help would be much appreciated.