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More Game, Please. 0

Flower is an experience first, a game second. I'm glad to have played it, but not to have paid for it. There is very little replay value in it for me, and for a game that took only an hour and a half to complete, that's a big problem. As a result of my experience, it's been difficult for me to recommend it to anyone.When I loaded it up, I was instantly enthralled by the look of it. It's beautiful. The music is perfect. The first three levels were fun to fly through while marveling at the individ...

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Killzone 2 Makes Me Wish My Friends Owned PS3s 0

Killzone 2 provides both a fantastic single-player campaign and an engrossing multiplayer experience. If you enjoy shooters of the first person variety, you will almost certainly enjoy this game. I played through the campaign on Veteran difficulty (KZ2 is similar to Gears of War 2 in that the default difficulty is almost too easy for gamers who play shooters regularly), and I didn't encounter too many frustratingly difficult moments. The pace was good, the levels are varied and well-designed, an...

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