First Blog - Current Setup

Welcome to my blog! here's my setup, please click for laaarge.

Here's a quick overview, my sofa, table and the collection in the back. You can see my awesome ROBORAPTOR. Awesome.

I aim to have a few framed pictures dotted around, but saw the duck ina dog bowl and couldn't resist.

Book collection, I'm not a huge manga or anime fan, I think most of it is cheap, uninspired shite. But we have Battle Royale which is great, Cowboy Bebop which is probably the best anime series ever, and some other manga that's poo. A few other misc books, my gf's Murakami collection and a few CDs

2 Sixaxis, 1 DualShock, 3 Wireless 360 pads and a headset. MegaDrive II with a MegaCD II. Gamecube, with 2 pads (ones on the bottom). Dreamcast, NDS Lite in a carry case. N64 with 4MB PowerPak ;D SNES, 2 Wiimotes with Nunchucks. Busted 360 held for spares, and a busted half painted wired 360 pad.

Sorry about the darkness, top left we have an unboxed OoT, Boxed Secret of Mana, Boxed Majora's Mask and a pristine copy of Duke Nukem 3D. A few misc. DVD's, and Wall-E on Blu Ray. PLUS a few great Godzilla films on a VHS.

My current system, a Dell Inspiron 1525. Dual Core, 3Gb RAM yadadaetcetc

40 1080i Sony Bravia, my launch date Wii, 2nd Xbox 360, Slimline PS2, and a 40GB PS3. No backwards compat for me :(

Elephant beanbag. This thing is huuuuuuuuge, awesome and comfortable as fuck. :D
Same brand as a "fatboy" and I believe the citizens of the United States call them "sumos"?