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Crackdown - Mindless fun 0

Crackdown, initially released back in 2007 is best summed up as a sandbox game of similar vein to GTA and clones but with a superhero twist. You play the role of a ‘Super Agent’, a genetically engineered superhero, capable of jumping as tall as a skyscraper, strong enough to lift huge trucks over his head and… uh… shoot real good. You’re tasked with cleaning up Pacific City, a metropolis choked with crime, and at the brink of going under. The gangs controlling the city aren’t open to a diplomati...

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Ghost Squad Review - Andsy 0

It's been practically 2 years to the day since I picked up my Nintendo Wii, and I have to admit that the novelty wore out very quickly. At only 3 months old my Wii was condemned to the retro shelf, doomed to collect dust, hoping that one day games would come along that would peak my interest once again, to put the Wii back in the limelight next to my PS3 and 360. Sure enough interesting games came, and just like the tide, they went again. But one game in particular has hung around, continuing to...

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LittleBigAWESOME 0

From day one LBP was a highly ambitious project. A game and video game designing tool rolled into one cute package. Things could have easily fallen flat, it could have been a good 2D platforming game with a few tacked on tools, simple level design, no real depth. Or, the whole thing could have proved over ambitious, and become vaporware. Luckily for us, MediaMolecule proved up to the task, and then some. LBP is split into three areas: PLAY - CREATE - SHARE so I thought I'd split the review into...

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