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Last Played Dates are back, at least the last 16 games you've played. I started the updater last night. Should be able to be on a regular schedule again within a few days.

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@magnus80a: Looks like yours is up to date.
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@sheeeeeeep: Looks like yours went through, too.
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@Hawk456: Looks like yours updated a few days ago. Again, daily updates are not turned on yet. We need to get everyone back into the system first.
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@LordAndrew: I'll take a look next week at Steam. If they're exposing unlock dates for the older achievements, I don't see why we couldn't go back and grab them.
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@Vandersveldt: Yes, soon.
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@mostman: It's ordered by last-played based on you viewing your own profile, but alphabetically when someone else views your profile. We actually have a solution for this coming when we start doing the regular updates again.
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This has been resolved.

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Update on XBOX Points... 
All XBOX achievements that at least one Giant Bomb member has unlocked should now show the correct number of points. All of these points have been rolled up to your overall XBOX gamer score. They're currently being rolled up to each of the individual games you've played (the totals that decide what grade you receive for each game). These should be done shortly (maybe an hour or so from now). Once this is done, your scores should be pretty close to what you see on  
Please keep in mind that we haven't turned back on the auto-update feature for XBOX accounts yet. We're still working our way through the rest of the user's that haven't been synced since the redesign. This means that we might be missing a few achievements that you've earned over the past week. Once all accounts are re-synced, we'll turn on auto-updating again to catch everyone back up.

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@Wuddel: On this page (might be a different URL for your country): 
Make sure the following settings are set to "everyone": 
  • Gamer Profile
  • Online Status
  • Played Games
  • Friends List
You can add multiple XBOX accounts to your GB profile. But we don't merge them together in any way.. the aggregated totals will be shown separately.