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You just fulfilled the first rule of law enforcement: stay alive 0

Deja Vu has ruined every single detective game that has ever been made. Nothing could live up to the legend Theodore "Ace" Harding and his world of intrigue and deception. Everyone kept telling me that L.A. Noire will change my mind about Deja Vu being the only good detective game in existence. Time to put on my stylish Brooks Brothers three-piece suit and fedora and jump back into the seedy world of dicks....hmm, that doesn't sound as good as I thought.L.A. Noire has "wow" factor when it comes ...

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Good dags. D'ya like dags? 0

I am not one for British humor. Could never figure out what the reason behind it all is, just never grabbed me like it does others. When finding out that Telltale was releasing Hector: Badge Of Carnage for the PC and Mac, I looked up some info on the game. Of course it was riddled with British humor and slang. Putting aside my dislike for British humor, I loaded up the first episode, We Negotiate With Terrorists.The setup is that a hostage crisis breaks out in Clappers Wreake and “the fat arse o...

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Mastery of the elements and micro have come together. 0

Of all the game publishing companies I have been buying from, Paradox Interactive has really been an interesting one to follow.  If ever a publisher could be considered a friend of the "indie" community, I think it might be them. From picking up Tale Worlds' - Mount & Blade to Fatshark's - Lead and Gold to so many other titles from greatly talented groups of developers who in today's market may have otherwise been left out. I should say that I am truly impressed. and having added Arrowhead ...

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Best....Load....Screen....Ever! 0

 posting this on behalf of my close friend Kimerex who doesn't have an account here yet.       The ideas represented in Monday Night Combat aren't by any stretch of the imagination new. If you are looking for something groundbreaking in terms of gameplay, this will not be that game. Honestly not many games out or even coming out will be that brand new, never before seen game. This is starting to make me focus more on the amount of effort put into the "personal touch" side of things. How much eff...

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Crysis of faith 0

 this was written by my close friend, Kimerex who doesn't have an account here (yet) so I am posting this on his behalf       Sony had Killzone. Microsoft had Halo. In the slew of all these things, PC birthed a game to show the non-believers that the platform should never be looked over. Crysis hit the stores with intent to burn out as many power rigs as it could. Even I spent a lot of time trying to tweak my set up to run Crysis at mostly high settings with a little at maximum. Eventually, with...

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Axe? Check. Hammer? Check. Axe taped to Hammer? Hmmm 0

This is a co-op review of Kimerex and I that we thought would be fun to do. Kimerex is the lead on the review with my thoughts scattered about.    Andyb0y: When I played the first Dead Rising, I was not impressed with the gameplay. Time limits being the major issue, I never understood for this style of game having a strict time limit hanging over your head when Capcom gives you a perfect playground to kill zombies in. Hoping that Capcom got it right this time, I decided to try Dead Rising 2 on b...

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