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Review Writing:
Battlefield: Bad Company review, it's up!
...Is there a way to directly link to it?

EDIT: Sidebar -> Reviews. yepyep.

Final Fantasy IV update:
I don't know what it is about this game, but whenever I play it (which is usually when I'm out or commuting) I can't put it down... It's like I have some weird addiction to it. Just from the sentence alone you can tell that I'm enjoying myself on that game a lot. I'm about 6 hours in, and just from that time it seemed like a lot has happened throughout the story, but I won't spoil that for you incase you've never played it. I'm also trying to go through this game without a walkthrough, which is something I always resort to when I'm playing RPGs. Since I'm always outside that shouldn't be too hard... but having an iPhone makes it so accessible.

New Monitor:
My monitor has been crapping out for awhile now, this is what happens when you buy a brand nobody that has heard of and it's made in China. So what my dad has been secretly doing for awhile now is saving some money up for a new monitor for me (<3). It's a Samsung 22" beauty.

Technical stuff: 2ms response time, 20000:1 contrast ratio, 1680x1050 native resolution, and low power consumption (going green :D).

Review writing...

So I just finished BF: Bad Company, and I'm thinking about writing a review for it. Here's the problem I have when I start to think about writing a review, I personally don't believe that I have the technical writing skills to churn out something that will sound good. But maybe if I start writing more I will improve on it as I go.

Anyway, about BF:BC. It's quite an entertaining game... maybe it's cause of all the stuff you can blow up everywhere. I'm pretty much saying it's worth picking-up if you need something to play. But the only negative thing I would have to say about it is the AI, it feels like old school bot player AI, it's like every single enemy has aimbot (lolhax) but I'll talk more about that when I attempt to write a review tomorrow.

FFIV, Good So Far

So I grabbed this game early in the morning and started playing, I'm probably about 1-2 hours into it. So what does that mean?... Impression time!

I don't really have much to compare it to because I haven't really played much of the old one, maybe about 3-4 hours into it(as amazing as people says it is). It's not that i didn't want to play it, but... it just seemed like a really hard game when I was little (18 now by the way). Anyway, it's pretty much the same game with better graphics. The storyline appears to be the same so far, the combat is good old FF goodness (the battle interface kinda looks like FF9), and the voice acting... is... present. I mean obviously the voice acting isn't going to be A-grade acting especially given the material but... it's nice that it's there.

More as I dig deeper into the game, this pretty much feels like a live blog.



I haven't felt at home as much as this since November last year (sorry Jeff :P) it's a good feeling, definitely my new favorite place to hang out on the interwebs. You can expect a lot of blog posts and maybe even videos from me, as places like these are where I like to express my gaming related crap (which is a lot).

I love how the tags thing at the bottom says comicvine and not giantbomb.

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