School | Rush DLC

Going to school soon, it still hasn't hit me, this whole college post secondary thing, yet it is in two days... it'll probably hit me the morning I have to up early. Anyway, I'm going into BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology *deep breathe*) for CST (Computer Systems Technology). Don't really know what I want to be yet, but the first year is almost a small introduction to everything, then in the second year you pick one of 7 'options' to focus on...... cool!

Other then that... it's just been a busy week of getting prepared for school, paying off tuition, supplies, setting up my laptop and... drumming........ on Rock Band. The Rush DLC that was announced got delayed (YYZ.. :( ) so... I'm stuck with the cover version of Limelight for now. Apparently there was an error with YYZ, which has no vocals. It might be a few weeks before it is actually release (NOOOOO!!!!). Oh well, I'll save it for when I get my Ion Drumkit

So here's a video of the cover version of Limelight by Rush, this time featuring in game audio! Too bad I don't have a video capture device so I can make it look all split screen and cool.

By the way, I'll totally take any requests of songs people want to hear or see me play, just drop a comment. :)


If you noticed, yes... my yellow and green are switched.... my yellow is broken... and well Hi-hat > Cymbal... so I did a little switch-a-roo.