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If you read the other posts I made, you'd see that I was not in the forest covenant. I was in the Darkwraith covenant, and was trying to invade at the forest. Instead, I was summoned as a phantom to help the host, not fight him. I was a white phantom. When this happened at Sen's Fortress, I used a character who was NOT in ANY covenant. I was trying to be summoned to help someone, instead I invaded someone and appeared where my summon sign was. Not the red soapstone either, but the white one.

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@Gotisttott: Whew, glad I'm not the only one this has happened to. You could be right, maybe it's the dried finger thing. But, it doesn't make sense that a dried finger would make me become a phantom helper instead of an invader. That's what happened to me when I was in the forest....

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@eroticfishcake, no, that is not the case. The guy I used in the forest was in the Darkwraith covenant. I was trying to invade. Instead, I got summoned as a white phantom and appeared at the top of the stairs where invaders usually spawn. I'm not making this up. It was very confusing. Next, the character I was using to put down my white soapstone is NOT in any covenant. I was simply trying to be summoned as a white phantom. Instead, I invaded and appeared where my white soapstone was. I wasn't a blue invader, I was red. Again, it was very confusing. The guy I invaded was hiding and waiting on me. He thought I had spawned in the normal spawning place. It was very weird. It reminded me of Demon's Souls at the Tower of Latria. Sometimes you would try to be summoned as a blue phantom, but instead you would be summoned to be the Monk boss. I didn't know if something like that was going on or what.

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No sir, I did not use the red soapstone. Also, when I invaded the host, he was hiding behind a wall, waiting for me to come from the normal invasion spawn point. The other time when this happened, I was in the forest. I was actually trying to invade, but I was summoned instead. I appeared as a white phantom on top of the stairs. This is where you normally appear when you invade. You can't put a summon sign down in that spot, you have to be off of the stairs and in the grass.

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I was at Sen's Fortress and put my summon sign down just past the first button that fires the darts. A few seconds later, it said I was invading another world as a dark spirit. I appeared in the other player's world right where my summon sign was. Why did that happen? And, usually when you're invading, you appear next to the illusory wall that leads up top to the giant who lifts the gate.

Another time, I was trying to invade at Darkroot Forest, and I was summoned instead. I appeared at the top of the stairs where you do when you're invading...

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Watch Iron Tarkus solo The Iron Golem.;=related

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I really don't think these guys are higher than you, just better equipped. I've invaded many guys who are higher than me, and sometimes I just stand there and let them hit me a few times when I see they aren't equipped as well as I am, for example, if I see them carrying a drake sword. I'll let them backstab me around 3 times, then I'll get up, dust off, and hit them once or twice and they are dead. I'm only level 20, but I've beaten many guys who are higher than me because all of my gear is fully upgraded from many hours of farming.

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Are you on ps3 or xbox? I have a few silver knight swords in my inventory and can give you one. I'm on ps3 and my psn is green_lntrn_2814. I'm level 20.

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Well, I invaded several people this morning and asked them what level they were and how many souls they were holding, and I only got two responses back. One guy that I killed was level 33 and was holding about 1000 souls. I received 664 souls from him when I killed him.

Next, I got killed by a guy and he received about 1000 souls from me. I am level 20, and at the time he killed me, I was carrying 235,000 souls.

EDIT: Just killed a guy who said he was level 133 and was carrying 23000 souls. I received 12000+ souls from him after I killed him with my level 20 guy. Still not sure how this works.

EDIT 2: Beat a guy who was level 30. He had 130000 souls on him. I got around 400+ souls from him.

EDIT 3: Beat a guy who was level 41. I got 995 souls from him.

EDIT 4: Just beat a different guy who was level 41. He had 16000 souls on him when I killed him. I got 995 souls from him, just like I did the other level 41 guy. So, it has something to do with their level. How many souls do you need to level up to 41?

EDIT 5: Killed a guy and received 10xx souls from him. Knowing that I get 995 souls from a level 41 guy, I asked him if he was around level 42 or 43. He said he was level 42.

#10 Edited by AndyD74 (187 posts) - There's a guy on the link that says as a host, you get 50% of the souls it took for the invader to level up to his current level. If you're the invader and win, you get 10% of the souls it took for the host to level up to his current level. I did not know that. I'm not sure if that's right either, lol. I've received around 7000+ souls before, so that means I beat a guy who took 70,000+ souls to reach his level, and my guy is only level 20. That doesn't seem right. Here's another site with some interesting discussion on it: I suppose I can take a survey over the next few times I invade someone or get invaded and try to figure this out.