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Hi all,

So last night I had a strange dream. In my dream it was July 1st 2013. I rushed to Ryan (despite being in Australia) warning him but somehow he already knew. Being who he is he just winked at my concerns and kept on living every second to its fullest.

I woke up before knowing what happened. I don't know whether this was a good dream or a nightmare. Good in that I got to see Ryan again not just through old videos but new experiences. I woke up feeling quite depressed because it was just a dream and I know all we'll ever have are memories.


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Brad was missing from this week's Bombcast and I'll do the annoying "Internet reads way too much into everything" thing but...
at the end of the show Ryan said "...we wish Brad and his all the best", what the hell does that mean? Has he resigned? Is he sick? 
To add further to this conspiracy theory, the main page's status updates is missing Brad. I know this is probably due to him not updating his status for a while but why?
I'm starting to freak out, so much so that I had to make a post about it even though I have never ever posted anything on these boards before despite being a member since the site went live.
I hope I am just reading too much into things and I hope this isn't anything. 
I know the Giantbomb dudes are real people with real people problems and rights such as privacy, so I won't demand (nor do I have the right to) you guys give away anything that is personal or illegal. Having said that though, myself like I'm sure many others in this community have grown to form attachments with you guys as personalities and like it or not you guys are internet celebrities. I'm sure I can speak for many out there that we do genuinely care for you guys and wish you all the best and we would like to know if any sudden changes are occuring.
Thanks a lot for reading.