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9 Heartfire, 3E330

The local pawnbroker asked me to find Ienas Sarandas to settle a debt. I’ll look into it sometime.

I met a strange man outside of the Mages’ Guild named “Louis Beauchamp.” He talked in a very strange way and at a strange speed. He kept talking about an airship he created out of Dwemer scrap. He sent a crew on it over to Solstheim to go to Hrothmund’s Barrow to recover a magical amulet. The amulet makes the wearer irresistible to women. How sad that he did all of this for that. He thinks his crew has failed him and has tasked me with finding out what happened to the crew and to find the amulet. I told him if I ever go to Solstheim, I’ll check it out.

Note: Say “Ondjage” at Hrothmund’s Barrow to gain entrance.

I joined the Mages’ Guild for the sole purpose of teleportation between towns. Also, find the Chronicles of Nehuleft sometime.

I ported to Caldera, near Balmora, since I’d never been there before. I traded in town, found a nice Nordic claymore and some better armor. I also bought a Hlormaren Propylon Index. Not sure what it is used for but I thought it was intriguing.

I ported to Balmora and trained with Chirranirr in the South Wall Cornerclub for two days. I found myself more agile and more skilled with the lockpick.

It is going to take me a long time to be skilled enough to work with the Thieves’ Guild again, so I just joined the Fighters’ Guild. I begin today.

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@Sparky_Buzzsaw said: @Irvandus said:

Glad you guys are enjoying them. Keep reading!

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2 Heartfire, 3E330

I moved out of Caius’ house and bought a recently built manor in town, near the Pawnbroker for 3000 drakes. It is a cozy place, worth the money. I traded my sword and shield for a steel claymore. I found that I wasn’t my greatest with the sword and shield combination.

Nileno wanted me to go to the Inanius Egg Mine to kill the Kwama queen, destroying a rival’s business. The Inanius mine is near Suran. I checked my map and decided not to do that quite yet. It’s a 2 day trip at least.

Instead, I took a trip to Ald’Ruhn to visit Aengoth the Jeweler of the Thieves’ Guild. He’s a funny fellow, a strange wood elf if I ever saw one. He said he would not be able to promote me for a while because I’m not skilled enough, but he still gave me jobs. My first was to steal Anaren’s Devil Tanto from the local Mages’ Guild. He said the guild would be empty for a few hours.

There was a mage there, waiting. I disposed of him quickly with my new claymore and found the tanto downstairs in a chest. I found 500 drakes around the building and an interesting looking book called “Withershins.” Aengoth gave me no reward, whatever I stole from the guild was it. Fair enough.

I was in Arobar Manor, looking for a Redoran Master Helm. I took me a while to find it, but there it was, on top of a shelf with the head of Arobar Manor standing in front of it. I casually wandered the room and when he wasn’t looking I quickly put it in my bag and left. Before I left, I looked around in some other rooms and found a book called “Boethiah’s Pillow Book.” I don’t know what the hell I had just read. I can’t even describe it.

Aengoth gave me 1000 drakes and then asked for Boethiah’s Pillow Book. What a coincidence. That book was unbelieveable anyway. He gave me an amulet and a Chameleon Ring for the book. Once again, Aengoth asked me for another book: Withershins. I laughed and handed it over to him. I told him I had stolen it from the Mages’ Guild when I was robbing them. We decided to ignore the past two coincidences. 1000 drakes.

I asked for another job before going to bed. Find some scrape metal. Usually found in a dwemer ruin. Here we go.

6 Heartfire, 3E330

I am never entering a Dwemer ruin unprepared ever again. I was exploring a ruin I had found when I found this golden ball. I crept closer to it and something popped out of it and stabbed me in the chest, through my armor! Somehow (I don’t know how) I managed to escape, while losing a lot of blood. I didn’t have any potions so I had to crawl back to town. Apparently I stumbled into the bar and Aengoth shoved a potion down my throat and patched me up. I nearly died. I awoke a few hours ago. Though I am still weak, I’ve got stuff to do.

I told Aengoth I won’t be back for a while, or at least until I’ve trained enough.

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@dankempster said:

Ah, something else to get excited about! I didn't go with House Hlaalu in my Morrowind playthrough. Because I built more or less an out-and-out warrior character, I ended up siding with the fighting-oriented house (House Redoran, I think it was). So this is yet another brand new quest line for me to read about and discover through your journals!

Sorry for not commenting on the last journal, by the way. I think it was just a combination of your brevity and my being busy that prevented it. I'm still really enjoying this series, and I can't wait to read more of your adventures in Vvardenfell.

In my first playthrough I did Redoran as well. I've done a bunch of Hlaalu before but never finished so I'm interested in seeing what happens too.

I've got 3 more entries written right now and it might be a few weeks before I can write again. Exams are starting in a few days :(

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I think I was in love once. She was Brazilian, or Chinese, or something weird. I met her in the bathroom of a K-Mart and we made out for hours. Then we parted ways, never to see each other again.

Brian Fantana

Damn it!

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I think I was in love once. She was Brazilian, or Chinese, or something weird. I met her in the bathroom of a K-Mart and we made out for hours. Then we parted ways, never to see each other again.

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31 Last Seed, 3E330

I decided to join House Hlaalu. Nileno Dorvayn welcomed me graciously and gave me the rank of “Retainer.” We discussed business and Nileno said that I sound just like a Redoran, Felsen Sethandus, who had just died recently. I was to put on a Redoran helmet, head to Ald’Ruhn, and get orders from Neminda of the Redoran council. “Orphan of Arnesia” was the password to use.

Ald’Ruhn is a horrible place. Constant sandstorms. Neminda bought my disguise and gave me a scroll to bring to Maar Gan. I brought it to Nileno instead. I receieved 500 drakes and a promotion to “Oathman.”

I was tasked with acquiring some alchemical formulas from Aurane Frenris’ shop in the Foreign Quarter of Vivec. I was also told that a Hlaalu councillor, Edryno Arethi, might have some business for me too.

I arrived in Vivec at 10 p.m., the perfect time to steal the formulas. The scroll was a synch to steal. She turned her back and I pocketed it and left.

I arrived in Balmora by 8 a.m., and was promoted to “Lawman.” I went home and slept.

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Short one today.

28 Last Seed, 3E330

I was in Pelagiad. Habasi sent me to get a fellow guild member, New-Shoes Bragor, out of jail. I was to get a Dwemer device from Mebestian Ence and blackmail Shabak gra-Burbug for taking bribes, in order to free New Shoes. I stole a Dwemer coherer from Ence and brought it to Shadbak. He angrly agreed to let New-Shoes free.

I received 1000 drakes and I was tasked with finding a “master of security” in Balmora to help secure the South Wall in the guild war between the Thieves’ Guild and the Fighter’s Guild and Cammona Tong. I found out a high-elf named “Hecerinde” was the master. He agreed without hesitation.

I was promoted to “Operative,” and was informed that there were no more jobs in Balmora. I was told to speak to Aengoth the Jeweller in Ald’Ruhn and Big Helende in Sadrith Mora for more jobs. But, I’m not leaving Balmora for good anytime soon. I just got here.

For a skooma addict, Caius sure knows how to keep it together (for the most part).

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@dankempster said: @Murdouken said:

That sounds great. I like it more in Morrowind purely because of all of that. And the "Eye for an eye," is so much better because sometimes it really should be in place, instead of sending someone to jail. Some people deserve the worst punishment possible, hence Velas being executed by me.


Keep reading!

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Thanks for letting me know.