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PSN ID: SuperSmashAndy

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Destiny, Minecraft, maybe Diablo 3. (if I'm playing Minecraft, not talking and am just running around killing pigs and building houses, that's probably my five year old.)

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@icicle7x3: Whhhaaaaat. I tried this just last month and it didn't work.

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Xbox support has verified that the game is no longer available for purchase. He said I can get it back from Download History, but how does that explain the game being deleted from my console? He played it last night at about 5 p.m. and tried again this morning at 10. Between those times, it was removed.

Aside from that, I don't trust the Download History option. It is impossible to redownload the TMNT Turtles In Time game through that method. I'm assuming it'll be the same with this.

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Thanks duders for verifying you still have it. I'm at work, so I'm having to get my wife to check this stuff out for me. I won't be able to find out until later if it is under the Download History. I do see that it appears to have been removed from the Marketplace:

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Sad day. My son plays this game almost daily. When he went to turn it on today, it was gone. Removed from my 360 without warning. It is unavailable for purchase either. What a horrible business practice. It was literally the only reason we turned on the Xbox 360 anymore.

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PSN: supersmashandy
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Games: Resogun, Awesomenauts

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Platform: Xbox 360

Gamertag: supersmashandy

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Playing nights from 8:30 central till as long as possible.

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I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying the game. It isn't the deepest of games, but there is strategy involved once you get into the second and third tier of battles (much like a typical story mode fighting game would be, right?). It is fun leveling up the cards / characters and doing the Mass Effect-style "open the prize box you earned with credits and get a new dude" thing is pretty cool.

If anything, this is worth to play for ten minutes to unlock some skins or whatever on the console version. If you want to invest more time and get into it deeper you can do so without paying a cent and have a pretty good time.

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Brilliant headline.

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I have a three year old and he is completely obsessed with the original Happy Action Theatre. He's been counting down the days till this one and it didn't disappoint. And I'm honestly having a great time playing it with him. Some of the games are really simple but they are enhanced by the cool video game nods and references, like when you're suddenly wearing a Minecraft costume (a game he loves to watch me play) or a costume from Costume Quest.

I'm almost sad I got it free. They deserve to get paid for something so cool. Highly recommend you get it if you've got a Kinect and a kid.

Plus, he's earned me almost all the achievement points already :-D