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I'm just waiting for The New Mass Effect... hell just called it that New Mass Effect when ships use eezo for FTL travel the light trail is green!...

Also Dragon Age Inquisition, that looks pretty good.

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Wait... those guys he kills in the end are Mother Base soilders? that's just wrong!

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That's how the current old gen version looks like right? because some of that stuff didn't look as good as the previous demos.

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Why they keep making his legs so damn long!? the scarf is fine even roid-up Knuckles but the legs!

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All Games Beta... it's like Kotaku but without the gossipy-like articles , weird shit from japan or any kind of unnecessary comment that has more to do with the writer's opinion than the news itself.

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If it is so short then why making it a separate thing? sure is a tease for what the real game is going to be but I really don't see the point even if it was 4 to 6 hours without rushing it.

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But isn't their game a total ripoff by itself what the hell!?

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Nah man who the hell would want to buy Pokemon minus? that's like you're owing someone.

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The WebHallen build looks pretty good with a decent price and specs but I don't see this thing taking off as Steam OS is based on linux and maaan... I don't hate linux but that would be a hard sell for a lot of people.