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Nah man who the hell would want to buy Pokemon minus? that's like you're owing someone.

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The WebHallen build looks pretty good with a decent price and specs but I don't see this thing taking off as Steam OS is based on linux and maaan... I don't hate linux but that would be a hard sell for a lot of people.

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Everyone hated Bioshock Infinite but now is overrated Argh! make up your mind internet mole people.

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Wait... what's with the half beard? I'm sorry but he looks like a hobo.

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You know for some reason I kinda want a Wii U now... but not to play games on it , maybe I'll play Smash and Mario Kart, I just want to have one for the future so I'll wait for another price drop.

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this is some bullshit man ... : '(

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Wait where's Tali?! man this list is wack (like Chell being there even though I think she doesn't mutter a word ever), anyways Bonnie MacFarlane deserves to win this whole thing.

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Oh Man I wouldn't want to see Wei Shen go so soon but I gotta go with Mordin.

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I'm glad this is for PS3 , it would be cool if it was multiplatform but I doubt it.

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I ... why do this Atlus? just say guys we're making Persona 5 here's a trailer get hyped, all of this illusive bullshit that sometimes leads to stuff that isn't even a game is kinda off putting.