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Why fix what's not broken?

Also I think the term "character action" is a dumb term.

Yup! I don't know why the GB staff feels the need to be so contrarian with common terms for describing games, to me those games will always be Hack'n slash.

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Why do people asume that some of us who think this game doesn't look up to par with the other 2 games of the series are just ok with franchises iterating stuff over and over?. My only gripe with this is the story that they decided to focus on, I just don't care for origin stories most of the time they don't tell anything of interest and aren't all that exciting, the developers keep saying how this is a "younger inexperienced Batman" yet he still kicking ass and being all Batman-y beating thughs,mercenaries like it's nothing, sure maybe Bane breaks his back or Deadstroke beats him on their first encounter in a cutscene but on the gameplay side you still have all the skills and abilities you had in AC so what's the point of it being a prequel? of course they will not remove the gadgets and moves like the dive or the multiple takedown just because he's a younger Batman but still introducing new stuff and new mechanics in a game that is supposed to take place before the first makes really no sense and if the story isn't your incentive to play the game then why not make it a side story? or better yet just move foward.

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I'm just tired of Origin stories they're so unnecessary and they make no sense gameplay-story wise, if this had been Arkham City 2 I would be all over it.

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Nah that isn't CG I mean it does look like regular ass kingdom hearts gameplay even down to be fighting heartless, also that train stuff looked cool but only if you're the one controlling it

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Bummer I thought for sure 2.5 would include the 3DS game, still this is probably the one to get KHII and Birth By Sleep are the best of the series I don't know why they bothered with the cutscenes of Coded nothing that happened in that game matters and it played like crap just like 358/2 Days.

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He is also rubbing the back of his head when he says that...oh god!

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I don't really think this is viral marketing "ehh this thing is... [HDMI cable] ehhhhm I dunno" that was pretty bad come on, kids!

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Wow... the only thing missing from that trailer is

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People don't need to know what happens in the "true" ending of peace walker that was just dumb and not funny/bad/great MGS dumb but "pacifica ocean" dumb.They just need to introduce the characters (like Chico , Paz, the french lady, Otacon's Grampa) again because thinking about nothing really happened in peace walker.