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Yeah, it just started and the selection is significantly smaller than what our American friends have, but it's already grown. I started using it this week and I noticed that when it first launched it only had the last season of Avatar, but now it has all three.  More titles will be added. If you're only looking for new releases though, the service is not for you. I'm really digging Mad Men.
The streaming works really well on PS3.

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@Vodun:  I don't mind big patches either. I just find that this one is giving me a lot more grief than it should. With my connection speed, a 1gb download should not take 2 hours. I mean I was streaming Netflix before and after in 720p with no issues, so I know it isn't my connection. The PSN store much faster than that too. I just think that it's Sony's update system that has issues. Who knows, it could have just been a server issue last night. I'll be giving it another go this weekend.
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I wanted to give Heavy Rain a try last night since someone lent it to me and the size of the patch is nuts. I have a good connection (15mbps) and it was still really slow. The estimate was over 90minutes and of course it crapped out at about 40%. 
I'll have to leave some time to download this patch and babysit it when I want to try the game again. The patching system on the PS3 is the worse thing about it. It normally isn't that bad, but this is one is terrible, especially because patches seem to take forever to download. 

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So can you create your own super player this year? I miss creating myself as the best soccer player in the world like I used to do in the old days.

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Maybe Alex will be giving it a quicklook?

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Umm, does Canada count?
I'm looking forward to it as well.

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Yes. Looking forward to FIFA 11 next week.

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Keep in mind that the Canadian selection is crap. I would happily use a disc if the selection was even half of what the US got. I'm sure it'll grow with time though. Also, some of the stuff makes no sense. I can't watch Avatar seasons 1 or 2, but season 3 is available.

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From the Netflix website:  

Simply click on Netflix within the main area of the Playstation screen. Follow the on screen instructions to connect your Playstation 3 to your Netflix account. FREE Playstation Network membership is required.

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So we now have Netflix in Canada for $7.99 per month. Apparently you can't get it on Xbox 360 for now (coming soon apparently), but you can on the PS3 without using a disc. The selection is nowhere near as extensive as the American Netflix service though.
I'm going to give it a try.

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