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@darji said:.

Rumor is that Versus is becoming FFXV which makes sense^^

While it would make sense, I am surprised to hear that there is an "official" rumour about Versus XIII becoming XV. Wasn't there a fake video last year showing Versus being re-labeled as XV, mostly based on someone at Square Enix stating that FF XV might be an ARPG instead of a classic FF?

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Realistic: duh, nothing

Not realistic: Shenmue III, Wave Race U, Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac HD, No One Lives Forever III, Jade Empire 2

Completely crazy: Compile Heart making a game that doesn't feature technical flaws.

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It's an acronym of my RL name. Plus random weeb stuff.

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Whatever the gods at Retro Studios currently have in the making.

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Hello, I am AnGer_dono, known IRL as Andreas from Germany, 25. Found GiantBomb through last year's NWR Telethon and thought I'd drop by. I also uploaded a far too big picture for my avatar and cannot delete it.