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I currently have three hundred and sixty (360) Microsoft Brad Bucks hovering in my account balance and I want to get rid of them usefully. Any suggestions?

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@Blackout62: You ever tried to manual while in a halfpipe, son?

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It's on Steam's Midweek Madness sale and I was wondering if it was worth this price. I could eat a pretty legit sandwich for 5 bucks. What do you guys think?

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@PATJASA: The console version of MP2 is pretty garbage.

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@RandomHero666 said:

@BPRJCTX said:

Oh, hey there big man!!!

Talkin' like that on the internet, must mean you are a real badass in real life...

Talking like what? I'm acting hard by telling you people don't need to like trials to post in a trials thread?

It's fine to post in a Trials thread if you don't like Trials but... why?

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@AuthenticM said:

How does one listen to investor calls?

You become an investor...

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@Patman99 said:

But if you dont play Trials HD, you will miss all the deep story and lore that is contained in the game...

That's what I was about to say. You won't be able to pick up on the various story threads when they continue in Trials Evolution. Also, did they ever tell you at the end whether the bike was sentient?

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@BPRJCTX said:

Wow, the joke just became a reality...

Seriously, Sony just continues to dissapoint, over and over again...

What the fuck happened to that company, do they think this is what's gonna take 'hem out of the hole they're into?

This is exaclty the kind of stupid decisions that just continue to push them down.

I just can't believe it, what a shameful Rip off.

I guess ripping off the Wiimote wasn't enough for them.

It just looks so bad too, they just don't have the characters to support a game like this.

This is a game aimed at kids, and you have characters like, Kratos, Sweet Tooth, and Killzone characters in it?!

These charaters could have worked in a more serious fighting game, for 16 and over.

But this?


This just has to be a late, really bad, April's Fools Joke...

It just has to...

Is... is that you??

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I feel like they should have made a more powerful console to usher in the next-gen instead of trying to play catchup with the other guys. I am worried for Nintendo.

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I hope this DLC comes to PC.