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@BPRJCTX said:

Wow, the joke just became a reality...

Seriously, Sony just continues to dissapoint, over and over again...

What the fuck happened to that company, do they think this is what's gonna take 'hem out of the hole they're into?

This is exaclty the kind of stupid decisions that just continue to push them down.

I just can't believe it, what a shameful Rip off.

I guess ripping off the Wiimote wasn't enough for them.

It just looks so bad too, they just don't have the characters to support a game like this.

This is a game aimed at kids, and you have characters like, Kratos, Sweet Tooth, and Killzone characters in it?!

These charaters could have worked in a more serious fighting game, for 16 and over.

But this?


This just has to be a late, really bad, April's Fools Joke...

It just has to...

Is... is that you??

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I feel like they should have made a more powerful console to usher in the next-gen instead of trying to play catchup with the other guys. I am worried for Nintendo.

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I hope this DLC comes to PC.

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This is why I think that when you get a high score in a video game it should include a picture of what you look like in real life.

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My letters to Sony and EA remain queued and they haven't updated their Twitter since December. Anyone know what's going on?

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All I need to hear is luchadors and I'm in.

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Steam: angethedude

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I haven't beaten the first Trine but I did like what I played months ago. Is Trine 2 worth $7.49?

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@Toebias_Funke: Is the TL;DR version of finding yourself just GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND VIDJA GAEMZ, or is there more to it?

@GunslingerPanda: I don't really want to give up on school. I want that degree so that I can get a job that allows me to pay for the stupid shit I want to do on my free time. I read an article about some study saying that people with degrees have more free time in between work than people who don't.

@ZimboDK: Denmark is so awesome. I'd like to go there some day. My friends in the military were actually both raised in Denmark! It sounds like you were doing honest work. Let me tell you, retail jobs in the US are nothing but bullshit in which you regularly lie to people and yourself.

@nail1080: I never said my life is over. That's why I created the topic! I knew there were options. I just didn't know where to start. The suggestions people have posted here have been invaluable. Some of it is so simple but none of it was ever going to come into my mind on my own.

@bombHills: I don't do drugs and I'm trying to stay off of any for as long as possible.

@Hosstile17: Yeah, I should go see where the actual labs are at the new school because I don't actually know. I don't even know where the library is!

@amir90: I believe that war is an absurdity. Trust me, I'm not going anywhere near any military force any time soon.

@SSully: I started doing this a month back because I thought it was a great idea for some reason. It felt good to cross off shit I was doing. I dropped it after four or five days because that's what I tend to do with everything else I start. I'll try to get on that again.

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@Demoskinos I posted this here because Giant Bomb is a great community and I figured I would get some varied feedback.