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I'm wondering if I should wait for the next sale or if I should just get this right now...

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@cosi83 said:

IGN are a joke of a site, i hope they fold. The campaign alone is an 8.5.

I hope you're joking. It's just a review score.

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This game just seems pointless after the release of the HD collection.

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Street Fight X Tekken is getting a bit of hype while I've heard NOTHING about this game AT ALL.

Is this still being made? I prefer the Tekken style of gameplay and I was hoping this game would be a shot in the arm the Tekken franchise needs right now.

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Postal III is now available on Steam! I'm so excited! Postal II was at least fun to play around with so I'm hoping for a similar experience fro-

*watches quicklook*

... oh shit. Never mind.

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No graph here.

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Assassin's Creed III: BROTH3RHOOD

Assassin's Creed III: R3V3LATIONS

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@bartok: Thanks very much for the feedback. I'm not trying to get famous or create a gimmick with my videos. I'm just elaborating on my experiences with the game and putting these up for posterity. I have a decent omnidirectional mic so bringing a friend in for some recording fun is totally possible. Was the vid at least watchable?

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The video above is of myself revisiting this game at least a decade after playing it. I owned it and NEVER got past the first level. Did any of you guys ever have any luck? Also, any feedback on the video would be nice.

Dennis the Menace is a movie-licensed game that kind of blows, but not all the way. I probably would have enjoyed it more had I gotten past the first level. You run around collecting random coins and whatnot trying escape Mr. Wilson's house... I guess? I honestly don't know.

Anyone here ever play it?

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I thought this game had cloud saves?