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Don't be an idiot and stay too long at the party. If you ditch it when it's starting to turn sour, that's when people will start to think you're 'cool' and a 'busy' type of person. It gives the right impression.

If you have to even think about that, you're not all that cool.

I leave when I want to leave, whether that's early or late depends on the party itself.

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@BestUsernameEver said:

Alright, why?

He's in the avatar gallery in Origin for some reason. I started using it the minute Jeff mentioned it on a bombcast (at least I think it was a bombcast).

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Anything else is inexcusable.

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SteamID: angethedude

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@smiddy said:

The part that turns me off playing many Japanese games is the mechanics. Often times I feel very limited, very closed in, when it comes to playing Japanese games. I often feel like I'm playing my their rules, doing things their way.

Although this isn't necessarily a bad thing on it's own, the usually over-the-top, long winded animations, or bizarre procedures for accomplishing anything mean that I end up having to trudge through so much crap to get where I want to go that it's no longer any fun.

You should play Bayonetta if you want a game where animation does not have priority over player input and you are only limited by your own skills, not the game.

It's the exact opposite of a game like Enslaved which is hopelessly limited by poor mechanics and long winded animations, and Enslaved is a Western game.

Perhaps smiddy has only played Lost Planet?

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You adventure game-loving chavs better buy this and get your as-bos!

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@pyromagnestir: It's still less than the price of a good sandwich, which you can only enjoy once. I'm sure others on this board would argue that this game is worth way more than five bucks.

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I jumped on this game at this price. I had it years ago but I never finished it. I don't mind buying it again and giving Double Fine some moolah! Get on this, you guys!

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I'm very attached to the characters of the Metal Gear Solid series. I've played every game and I pay very close attention to every cutscene and codec conversation. I feel like I almost know those characters.

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The opening crawl and the intro sequence are certainly worth the price of admission. Also, I'm running this at a nice 60 fps!