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Chris Grant (now EIC of Polygon) loved the bombcast and talked about it on the OG Joystiq podcast. When Joystiq had its mass-exodus to make Polygon, I made my exodus.

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Who's the guy that does the voice overs for their reviews? Was he fired?

Brandon Jones? I'm pretty sure he's still around.

The only reason to go to Gametrailers is to hear his voice.

He's actually like a founder or some other big-shot type-ish guy over there, I forget. He'll probably be the last of anyone to go, thankfully.

He's been asked to stay, ditto with Bloodworth. I really loved GT, they were doing some great editorial stuff recently.

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There's Demon Souls if you want to play the original Souls game. I thought it was pretty good...

  • Yakuza 3 + 4 . They have really fun stories and some dumb fun running around Japan. I preferred Yakuza 3, the 4 protagonists in Yakuza 4 were a bit much.
  • Rain and Puppeteer: both have gorgeous art and are really whimsical.
  • LittleBigPlanet: I LOVE the style of this game, I want to strangle whoever came up with the jump physics. but the user-generated levels are still awesome.
  • Heavy Rain: it's worth seeing why David Cage is respected. Forgive the voice acting and enjoy the experience.
  • God of War: GoW2 is still probably my favorite, but GoW 3 is pretty good, and I liked the PSP ones too (also available on PS3).
  • Demon Souls if you want to play the original Souls game
  • Wipeout HD Fury: The original 1080p/60fps visual assault available on PS3. Probably still my favorite racer.
  • Dyad: I have a soft spot for arcade games. This is one of them.
  • Tales from Space: about a blob and Guacamelee: the games from Drinkbox studios have a really cool style and play really well.
  • Trash Panic: The best puzzle game out of Japan since Lumines. probably. definitely the most eco-conscious.
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I'm there Saturday to Monday.

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Would love a 2XL!

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A college degree is the high school diploma of our parent's generation: without it, it's really tough to get your foot in the door in the job market. But I have a different reason why I recommend you go to college (statistics are boring, yo):

I can only talk from my personal experience, but getting an education was amazing. The people in my small college were some of the best people I had ever met, helped me develop a broader perspective on the world and my interests, and exposed me to career plans and modes of success that don't show up at your everyday career day at high school. I didn't realize how closed-minded I was until someone in college challenged my perceptions, and forced me to reevaluate a lot of ideas about what I'm doing with my life. I walked out of college into a struggling economy, but I worked two jobs through it, have little debt now, and am slowly moving my way up an annoyingly convoluted career path. I never would have known that I could do what I am doing now if it wasn't for a professor at my college giving a talk that blew my mind and opened my eyes to a career option that appealed to me way more than "business" and "engineering" (my original plans).

I realize that college is not for everyone. I had a lot of down moments, I needed a lot of help to get through it. But getting an education (going to lectures, talking to professors, meeting other students, socializing, cranking on papers, playing Katamari Damacy on a giant projector in a lecture hall in the middle of the night with the music blaring....) is something I would never trade away. My school gave me the opportunity to travel. Summer and break internships sent me all across the globe, from Texas to California to Hawaii, to London and Paris. I now have access to a giant alumni directory full of people who were willing to help me get started.

Could I have just followed in my father's footsteps, taken up his trade? Totally (and he still hopes I will). But the fact I took my time to be an "adult" and get a real job, is the best decision I ever made.

Best of luck man.

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Because Sony wants to sell copies of Driveclub, they've already sold you on PS+. It always sounded too-good-to-be-true to release a full AAA game to the IGC at the game's launch, and it turns out it was. I would much rather they not make Driveclub a PS+ game and fund some more incredible titles like Don't Starve and Transistor for PS4.

If this is bugging you so much, Grid 2 was on PS+ for PS3. Go and enjoy a full game there.

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Slogging through FFXIII-2 currently. It's definitely an improvement on FFXIII in most ways, but sometimes it's just ridiculous. Having lyrics (bad lyrics at that) in almost every piece of background music is a really strange, and often distracting-in-a-bad-way design decision. (Who the fuck OKed a metal song with the singer going full growl "so you think you can ride this chocobo"???) And fuck the story, the writers for these games have clearly just given up at this point.

I'll probably finish it in April, so next probably something a little more action oriented from the backlog pile. Maybe inFamous 2 in honour of Second Son having just come out. That will probably take me through the end of April. I'm not exactly overloaded with video game time these days.

Oh man, enjoy the annoying jump in difficulty right at the end of 13-2. It made me quit because I didn't want to grind to beat the final boss.

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FFX/X-2 with some Borderlands 2 co-op. I'm hoping Conception II is good, otherwise, Child of Light is my next game.

Wish WatchDogs was out.

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