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I've got quite a few wallpapers being cycled, but here's one I just added last night.

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Nobody wants Medal of Honor?

What a shocker... heh heh heh

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and no I don't go outside or have any friends.

And I had a sad :c

I'll be your friend! We can hold hands and run through the woods and catch frogs!

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Does reading count as a hobby? I feel like it might, what with how illiterate it seems most people are. I get lost in reading for hours at a time (I think I find more enjoyment out of that than video games tbh)

Otherwise, you can learn a useful skill? Why not try learning some HTML and javascript, and playing around with websites? Or, pick up something like woodworking, or painting, or anything really. There's an absolute crapton of things you can do with your spare time to increase your skills.

Think of it as an RPG, and you're building your stats :)

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Seriously, I kinda seriously had the feels, well done, 10/10 would feels again

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Appreciate all the responses guys, especially the "stop being an idiot and man up"-esque posts. You guys are all really helpful, and true, texting is the worst way to communicate that we have in today's world. I just gotta calm down, and having a multitude of voices telling me to stop being an idiot will help me to realize this lol.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

EDIT: Unless you're from outside the USA... heathens.

EDIT: ...j/k

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When I had my wisdom teeth removed (two at a time for all four, twice the fun and twice the experience!), i think I was out for no more than a week. I think the first 3-4 days were the tough ones, and then after that I was eating normal food again.

So if your mouth is all scabbed up (and by scabbed up, I mean, it doesn't bleed if you look at it the wrong way), you might consider grad'yating to some solids!

Having said that, I would take professional advice over my very clearly amateur advice in this matter.\

EDIT: Fuck canker sores. I sometimes get them if I neglect to brush for one (ONE) night. It's ridiculous. Hope it heals soon! listerinize that sucker to oblivion!

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Thanks guys, much appreciated. It just makes it immensely frustrating when I'm trying to get to know her and/or see if she wants to meet up, and I get very little contact.

@marz said:

probably a talker/face to face kinda person and not a texter... or she's getting with dudes left and right behind your back... j/k

Q~Q Oh sweet Jesus why

Thank you. I seriously need this, I've been driving myself mad thinking about it.

And I want you all to know, I very rarely text her. Today I texted her, but it was the first time since Friday that I had made an attempt to contact her, which actually brings me to another question: Should I go long times without texting her? Is that good? Is that bad? Does it make it look like I don't care/ is it bad to let things cool like that for several days?

I truly am quite clueless on a lot of this stuff.

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Hey duders, I hate to post yet another relationship-advice-seeking thread, but I've been truly clueless recently with this girl and I need some (hopefully good) advice.

I asked this girl out a few weeks ago, she said yes. The first date went well: we went to a movie and drinks, and I held her hand and she put her head on my shoulder. The next day, she texted me to say she had a great time. I asked her if she wanted to do it again sometime later that day (in person, I might add), and she said yes. She asked me to do something later that night, I couldn't make it, and we ended up (after going back and forth one more time) planning for that Sunday (the first date had been on Thursday). We went out for some drinks after she got off work and hit it off, since we ended up kissing and she kissed me goodnight as I dropped her off. I ended up texting her to say I had had a good time, and she reciprocated. That was last Sunday (a week and a half ago).

Ever since I got her number she hasn't texted me much at all, and she seems to drop out of conversations quite a bit, and normally takes at least an hour to respond to text messages (if not way longer). I was worried she might be trying to let me off easily. However, I ended up going into her work again this Thursday (so four days after we went out), and she seemed really happy to see me, and came up and talked to me a few times. Also, earlier that day, she also agreed to another date after Thanksgiving week (this week, due to both me and her being crazy busy with work/relatives this week).

So I guess I'm a little confused by her demeanor. I definitely think she likes me: every time I see her in person she is smiling and joking and comes to talk to me a bit. But she rarely, if ever texts me first, and she leaves text conversations hanging for days/indefinitely. The only reason this is a problem for me is lack of any knowledge of why she's doing it: it could be because she doesn't text often, it could be because she doesn't like me (contrary to my strong evidence against, but maybe I'm delusional), or it could be that she's just trying not to seem too eager so early into knowing me.

TLDR, my question is, should I ask her about this? Would this be something I should bring up to her? I really just wanna know why it is she doesn't text me: if it's because she's playing hard to get, I'd rather dispel that and just get to know her. If she's just really busy/forgetful about texting, that's totally fine too, I just wanna know what's going on. And if she's just trying to be nice and let me down easily, I'd just rather know and get it over with.

Like I said, we've only gone on two dates now (one of which was rather unofficial, what with her getting off work and all), and I don't know if it's too early to worry about this stuff. Any advice or any conversation would be an immense help.

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Passed on my first time. I didn't have any trouble except for (surprisingly) parking and pulling out a parking spot. That gave me more trouble than actually driving, I ended up backing up on the curb right at the start of the test :S overall just make sure you practice all the basics, go slowly, relax, check blindspots and use blinkers, be comfortable entering and leaving flows of traffic, and make sure you can parallel park. You should be just fine, some tests require you to go on the interstate, mine didn't, but be prepared to do so in case.

EDIT: Oh and also I was required to go in reverse for something like 60 feet in a straight line, but that's an easy one.

Good luck!