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Oh my god what the

What does this

I mean, it couldn't possibly

But what if

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Finally! Now I am interested. Paying to "rent" individual games was more hassle than I was willing to go through considering that there's a place near me that still physically rents them-- but being able to pay a flat $20 to check out a whole bunch of weird stuff starts to sound like a good deal. I hoped they would do it at some point.

I do wonder what the staying power will be-- like, how many games they'll end up adding in the long run, whether games will end up randomly leaving the service at some point, Netflix-style-- but this seems like a really cool thing to me.

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Good to know they actually do have a solid, multi-year plan for all this, and they weren't just bullshitting! Hopefully by the time 2015 rolls around, they'll be able to address some of the deeper-level issues with uninspired mission design and lack of story.

I like the game a lot, despite all its shortcomings - I hope they make good on it.

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Geez, I guess I had assumed the dailies and weeklies would just show up as one of the "core" missions if you didn't have the DLC-- that's the way it is with the Vanguard vendors and "regular" vs "expansion" item sets they're selling, right? I certainly hope so!

I mean, taking away a feature you already had access to and then making you pay them more money to get it back is pretty close to the line as far as "a bad deal" vs "something that should actually be illegal" goes.

The one thing that mitigates this a little is the fact that the dailies/weeklies won't be expansion content every time... but that doesn't eliminate the issue. In fact, it'll just keep getting worse over time!

I wonder if Bungie have plans to make expansion content available to everyone after some particular length of time has passed. That's the way it worked with most of the Halo games' DLC, and it'd be even more important in this case, to avoid reaching the point where people get so far behind they feel like they can't even play the game anymore.

Get better, Destiny! This shit ain't gonna fly for ten years.

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I was F5-ing twitter like madman; I managed to get one in my cart within probably 15 seconds of the link becoming available-- but I still had to refresh the various cart/checkout/confirmation screens for about 20 minutes trying to get it to go through.

I was starting to worry it wasn't going to work... but it finally did!

I'm feeling pretty happy about it.

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It's also probably worth mentioning that pre-orders for the limited edition PS4 are apparently going to be opened up sometime during this keynote.

And those are going to sell out in approximately two seconds, so if you want one you should probably be watching! Just don't take mine.

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Oh mannnnn, it's happennnnnning~

That was an almost perfect 50/50 balancing act between "things that looked awesome" and "things that made me nervous."

Awesome: That look on John Boyega's face; weird tiny roller-droid; classic X-Wing cockpit shot; girl on ridiculous gigantic speeder bike

I dunno, man: Shaky-cam stormtroopers; CGI-roller-coaster-lookin' Millennium Falcon; "Trying too hard" tri-saber thing

So I suppose I'm worried and excited, though slightly more excited than worried, which I think is perfectly reasonable, all things considered.

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The problem I see in this addition is that in every game with ADS, using ADS is the only way to effectively hit anything.

Which means that the feel of Halo combat - with the "fluidly jumping/shooting/grenading/meleeing while strafing and juking around a bunch to avoid getting hit" will be fundamentally broken, because you can't do that dynamic combat stuff if you have to zoom in and hold your gun up to your face to hit anything.

...It'll be just like every other game now.


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Unexpected awesome news! My favorite kind! I was already interested to go back but feeling kind of like a chump about it - now I'm unapologetically pumped.

Hopefully, they'll go all the way with it and put some First-Person-only servers in multiplayer. Just let this whole thing go full-on Altis Life. Why not.


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Boy, piggybacking on mass murders to drum up press for a dumb twin stick shooter video game sure seems like some desperate, embarrassing shit!