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Giant Bomb has always been bad at naming things... but it's traditionally an endearing badness that brazenly flies in the face of all SEO strategies. "Quick Look?" "TANG?" "Endurance Run?"

All those sound like things named by one person, off the top of their head, with no strategic overtones. From the heart, man. Realness.

Clickbait headlines... are not that.

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Well said.

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Although there's nothing wrong with the fact that Giant Bomb made two "safe" veteran hires this week - particularly in light of the fact that the SF office was critically understaffed, and they surely wanted some kind of return to normal functioning after this past year (and I'm sure Dan and Jason will be great!) - I hope they also stop amid all this commotion to think about whether the site has become more insular then they'd like it to be.

And if it has, then to come up with some great new plan to react to it. A plan that is their idea, and no one else's. Freelancers? Recurring guests? Perhaps another new hire, somewhere down the road? I don't know, and it'd be foolish for me to guess!

But the appeal of the site has always been to be fun, to be real, and to make it look easy. Having that foundation creates a unique opportunity to bring new voices into play in a way that isn't bullshit. And to show a whole lot of people that such a thing is possible. It'd be pretty cool.

After all is said and done, I would much rather see a real, live positive example of a different point of view than a million angry conceptual debates about it.

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Hooray for Dan and Jason, who I'm sure will be a great fit and help bring about lots of wonderful shenanigans in the years to come!

Boo for Twitter, which encourages everyone to be as blunt and short-fused as possible in every situation, elevates anonymous jerks to the same level as reasonable people, and is doing its best to ruin the internet!

Yoshi's Island is great!


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Okay, that's pretty funny.

(Everything else about that video was less funny. "We're not making that reference!" -YOU JUST DID)

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@the_ruiner said:

No more vagina bombs I hope...Please.

Yeah, this game looks fun. Ground zeros was just disturbing to me, didn't feel like metal gear at all.

And hopefully snake/boss actually speaks more than 3 words at a time in this one.

I agree as well. I'm a bit worried so far though - the stuff they've said and shown about Phantom Pain's story seems like it's going to be very revenge-focused (with a lot of torture, massacres, and amputations driving the plot), and if Kojima approaches that stuff the way he did in Ground Zeros while also putting it in the same game that lets you Fulton Recover a sheep-- it's going to be a disaster.

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I really liked this video. Made a lot of great points. In particular, the idea of "people as concepts" instead of "people as people," a fallacy that Twitter and its drive-by shooting approach to interaction brings out of everyone in the worst possible way.

Phil Fish has gotten a raw deal from the beginning, and it never really changed. In fact, so little has changed, that I can just repeat something I posted two years ago.

I feel bad for Phil Fish, because he is a person pushed to the breaking point by anonymous antagonism, but held to a very personal scrutiny for responding to it.

Isolated individuals were telling him to fuck off by the thousands, daily, for expressing an off-the-cuff opinion-- but when he told those individuals to fuck off right back, the public at large suddenly acts like the insult was directed at each and every one of them. Which is crazy.

What he did-- getting angry-- is nothing less than what any regular person would have done in his situation, guaranteed-- but merely because he has a public face, we expect him to be some kind of fakey, endlessly cheek-turning PR-robot/saint.

It's... illogical.

Let's put it that way.

I hope he makes more games someday.

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Unless there were a bunch of death threats on there that I didn't see or that got deleted, I fail to see what's at all troubling about that page. Seems like a reasonable reaction to be upset about a product you bought that wasn't just broken, but turned out to be intentionally broken.

I don't think it's "group thinking" that everyone is in agreement, so much as it's an argument that's really hard to be on the other side of.

What's to be afraid of?

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This is completely insane.

It's not just that they removed graphics because they made the game run poorly-- they made the game run more poorly on purpose so that it would also look worse.

That sentence doesn't even make sense to read! And then they just left the files in there? What???

This is far more bizarre, sinister, and important as an "illicit hidden secret" than Hot Coffee ever was. Malice aforethought. What the fuck.

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Here's the most logical answer I could immediately find, from a moderator on the 343 industries forum (which is not Bungie, but is clearly working with their ideas):


There's a theory, which is very popular with game designers, that most players don't look up very often. This increases their chances of getting killed from above as they're less likely to spot enemies.

Lowering the reticule increases the amount of space available for vision above the player's head, making it more likely that players will spot targets higher up. You don't normally need to see what's on the ground in front of you as most enemies will be at head height or just below, so you'll see them anyway.

When you add to that the fact that Halo (and Destiny) has so many more tall, vertical vistas and architecture than most video games, encouraging people to look slightly higher makes a lot of sense.