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Sorry for your loss, Jeff. My thoughts go out to you and your family.

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So this game looks ridiculous as hell, in a good way, and based on the amount of fun Vinny had with the first one I was thinking about picking this up. But i'm worried that since I really haven't played any other Castlevania game before this, especially the first Lords of Shadows game, I will be woefully unprepared for this game. I can easily play the first game, but what about that DS game or whatever that came out? Any thoughts?

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we have lost a great man today

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i like diablo 3. i like it a lot. that is all.

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so i just got the Mystic Ally, and i was just wondering if when the ally kills an enemy, he takes the experience, or if i get it or what. does anybody know?

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So for the last while rumors were flying around that Battlefront 3 was being worked on by Spark Unlimited. That seems less than likely now with the news that Sparks has confirmed that it is working on the upcoming Lost Planet 3. I cant tell how to feel about this. One the one hand it seems to be a good thing because Sparks has had a less than stellar lineup so far. Legendary and Turning Point were pretty shitty games, so it might be a good thing that Sparks isn't working on Battlefront. On the other hand its a huge bummer because that means its even less likely now than ever that Battlefron 3 will ever come out. any thoughts?

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Me and mordin would lament the loss of thane but hey, dude had cancer and was about to die anyway, he would gladly go for the good of the galaxy. But if i knew about it beforehand, i'd shoot Tali in her bitch face myself. Hate her and the entire Quarian race.

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whats the point of a spiderman game if its totally linear? that was has been the basis of pretty much all the spiderman games!
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Has there been any news of wether this is a free-roaming game?