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May I be invited? Been out of the game for a while, so I am still getting used to all the changes.

IGN: Aniawn

Thank you.

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Still waiting for Nintendo to add a circle pad on the right-side of the 3DS. Woe to be left- handed.

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Wow. This is completely surreal.

RIP Ryan, we will miss you.

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@jeff said:

The situation you're floating here doesn't work unless they force all users to connect to the internet and validate licenses via a serial number or other similar method. Otherwise you would have cases where the opted-in online users could associate a disc-based game with their account and then immediately give/sell the disc to an offline user, who would also be able to play the game.

I'd imagine they could just segregate physical Vs. digital serial codes. Assign "opt-ins" a digital Serial# that is attached to the physical Serial#; Used copies become physical-rights only, as it's associated digital Serial# has been used up.

As an "Opt-in" member, Pre ordering physical goods becomes the better value, as you can install your copy and immediately sell it as used.

The market adjusts it's physical supplies (limiting) to prepare for the circulation of used games. The consumer grows accustomed to the convenience of the digital market (and the inevitable enticement) and used games fade out naturally while not affecting the rental market.

Though, smart consumers in that situation would be better off renting out their physical disk rather than selling it or RedBox/GameFly sees this as a cheaper supply chain opportunity and uses this to compete with Gamestop to offer consumers a better deal on their used games.

"opt-in" membership becomes a far superior deal; those forced into an offline world get their games cheaper in the used games market or by renting.

...and ponies for everyOne

That's my pipe dream of a solution i pulled outta my ass.

As Jeff said; what is to prevent "opt-ins" from buying their game new, giving/selling the disc to an offline user, and continuing to play the copy of the game stored on their hard drive?

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Something tells me this is how Ryan really got Rorie back:

And holy crap! Just imagine Vinny and Rorie doing a Quick Look. Two of the greatest forces in the universe coming together:

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This is kind of surreal. First I hear the news about Rorie, and then about you.

No need to wish you luck, Dave. I have confidence that you will do well in whatever comes your way.

Looking forward to hearing from you on the site again!

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Origin: Aniawn

Server: NA West 1

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Looking foward to building a city on a large region.

Origin ID - Aniawn

Server - North America West 1

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Man, I remember when that video was released back in 2004; I fell in love with what I saw. I was so disappointed when Dark Sector took its radical change from that early concept video. Fast forward to today, and I have been enjoying my time in the Warframe beta. Not just because of the return of the concepts and art styles that I fell in love with back in 2004, but because of its focus on cooperative multiplayer like Mass Effect 3's multiplayer.

I'm glad that you wrote this article, Patrick. It's answered questions I've had about Dark Sector for years and how Warframe came about.

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