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Hey Lethbridge! I'm from there.

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Dudes, we are just chatting here. Not like I'm doing a thing to yo' momma. I ain't an Soviet air craft. I'm just a dude-girl who finds forum politics too strange and scary to interact with while sober. Just trying to talk with people who share a same intrest. I mean, there is Justin Beiber playing downstairs. And here comes my youngest sisters.

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To answer what I want from a gaming podcast. I want to hear someones impressions of a game. I don't want to hear PR language, ie Compelling. I want to hear someones love of a game without whinny, nick picky issues.  I want to hear someones personality and passion for gaming. I'm sick of hearing about a new game or conslole with all these un-proven promises that journalists take seriously and then are disapointed when the final product does not measure up (examples are the Kinect, Wii, DSi). I mean, just my opinoin.  The Giant Bomb dudes do this sometimes, but far less than other outlets. I'm not attacking them. It's just what I, me, not you are thinking. You don't have to agree with me, it's not something to get uptight about. 

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We did not realize that Our strange alien mix is being misunderstood. Let me simplfy it. I listen to at least ten gaming podcasts a week. It just starts to get a bit repetive after a while, I mean, I love the Giant Bomb dudes. I've met them. I've made them sign my Cunt, a copy of this crazy feminsit book. But after a while I've just gotten tired of the seeming echo chamber that gaming journalism has become. I will still suppport all of the game websites I visit, but after a while I just get tired of hearing the same things repeated. Not trying to claim "Drunk Card" or anything. It's just when a medium is so closed it can become repeatative after while. And dude, I work at WalMart so I am not someone to be all YOU ALL SUCK, FUCK YOU. Just thinking outloud. 

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It is like talking to Our selvesin an echo chamber. For some reason, oh, never mind, America's Funniset Home Videos is playing over trance music, thought it was a strange mix. Ah yessss. we, and not the Royal here, are starting drama. Turns out SOMEONE does not want more gross jello shots. Not Us, Royal We again.  We will have more when We are good and ready. We just find you, the Internet, more exciting at this point.

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Yessss, We have ruined drunken hook up sex. Weekend mission complete. If We can't have it, no one can. 

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Since the crappy 360 We have here won't read the crappy, scratched Rock Bank disk We have we are stuck blogging.  Drunk blogging Our firstest ever blog post. We, and I use the Royal We here, are at Our sisters finances mothers house for his belated 21st birthday party.  And since Our husband has requested We do not call him while drunk, you are all the lucky recieptents. We've locked his mothers cat in her bedroom because his asshole friends thought it would be funny to use cat as basketball.  We did not find that funny. We've also been humped by a 100 pound plus bull dog, but sad to say it, We are used to amorous male dogs. We just want to be friends, nothing more.   
Since this is a gaming related website, well, We must state that the, ahem, state of game based podcast has left Us cold. It really is not the fault of any specific game podcast, but when One listens to 30+ hours of game based podcasts per week, it is quite understandable that We are burnt out. The next person who uses the term "compelling" is getting kicked. Either the shins or nether regions, We have not decieded. 

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I like a nice bubble butt on a dude. The type of butt you can only get from doing deep squats. The kind of butt that you just wanna bite. I like butts.

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You mean wonderful. At least it won't be a gin soaked death. 

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That is mad gross. Dang.

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