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I'm not caught up on Flash, so I haven't gotten there, but Arrow was pretty good. This whole not telling about Sara thing is annoying though, because its going to come out eventually.

Though at some point it feels weird when the two shows don't interact as much as they should. I mean, I was watching Buffy and though I've never actually watched Angel, the two shows interacted as much as they needed to and it was realistic.

Though, I mean, if the League of Assassins is gonna straight up murder 50 people, maybe call Wally? I mean, he can literally be there in a Flash. That's his thing! It's also a little weird that there hasn't been any superpowered people on Arrow... besides Wally, ofc.

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so would you say their defense was ironclad?

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sleeve of unsalted crackers

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I am mad into soccer

I am also mad about soccer because vancouver stole our place in the playoffs :(

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Drakengard 3 probably. I haven't played it (having no money is fun!) but I listen to it constantly

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my mom played MK3 with me when I was 6

she was not very good at it but neither was I!

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@quarters said:

I find it to be the most important part of the game for me, 90% of the time.


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I liked Madoka and all but I think people who herald it as some deep dark deconstruction of the magical girl genre have not watched a lot of magical girl shows

sailor moon, the first season ends by everyone getting killed except Usagi

(also the best part of Madoka is the music and the art that isn't the character designs)

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Nier, Digital Devil Saga 2 and Mother 3

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@zombiepie: Are the other stories like super related? Would knowing the other thing flesh out the SG universe more and such?

not really. not counting the fact that chaos;head is creepy as hell, there's like 5 minor references to it at most (and it's mostly just like 'hey remember this thing that was really popular about a year ago huh')