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@iAmJohn said:
" What the fuck has happened to this thread. "
great things, that's what.
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Halo and fighting games

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@dungbootle said:
" @Hizang said:
" I'd rather talk to Brad on the gay advice line... "
What are you implying? "
brad is sexy as fuck, duh
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@Kolonel_Kool said:
" @Hizang: I agree with most everybody else. As a guy, I can tell you what you did wrong. First off, you should have just sent the one text after the date. "Thank you for the lovely date." You're right, if he asked you on another date, he is interested. However, the number of texts you sent may come across as clingy. My suggestion is to send him one more text, to confirm the next date. DO NOT send a second one without receiving a reply. "
I might even apologize in this text, saying that you were just nervous and you aren't actually this clingy.
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finding something to worry about helps.

can't sleep GAH

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@Xeiphyer said:
" Not sure how the rules work between two dudes. You would think you could just both be cool about it and not have to deal with all the weird relationship bullshit that goes on in heterosexual relationships. Apparently not though.
Why? Guys and Girls are both fucking retarded when it comes to relationships.
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it's possible he's away from his phone, after all.

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@Ubik said:
" After reading through the responses on this thread, I actually just skipped over to Amazon and picked up Resonance of Fate for $17.55 (I don't know if that's a special sale or just a regular low price, but it's still damn cheap).

Thanks to everyone who recommended this.  I'm really looking forward to checking out the combat system.
also, the game is both super silly and sometimes melodramatic.

it's also a little grindy, but I've put 110 hours into 2 playthroughs so far so WHATEVER
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@example1013 said:
" I don't take lolwut pictures of myself. In fact, I have very few pictures of myself at all.

I like to remain incognito, which is why it takes actual effort to find me on Google or Facebook.
I don't even have facebook
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I would totally get one of missile from ghost trick no lie