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there are no elemetary students here are you dumb

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OREGON I am just here in Las Vegas for a short while hopefully :(

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@HitmanAgent47 said:
" I also want to plug other good books, go read jesse ventura's 63 documents the government doesn't want you to read. Also go watch the obama deception, it's a documentary film.No one is going to follow up on that because no one can read anymore or have the patience to watch an entire documentary without special effects. "
I distinctly remember the first 30 minutes of zeitgeist (I never watched the whole thing it was stupid) having special effects up the wazoo, so there

also books are awesome br0
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@Pinworm45 said:
" @GeekDown said:
" I am so fucking sick of the word epic. "
3 more years minimum. "
At this point I think that epic is going to stay around for a while... As annoying as that may be.
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Portal 2 is going to be so good...

I need to save money for my therapist...


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@TooWalrus said:
" @Yanngc33 said:
" Half life 2 "
You'll want to cry because of how aged and boring it is- and how insane everyone who loves to jizz all over Gordan Freeman is.

Anyway, play FFXIII. When I started, I wanted to cry because of how annoying and cliche the voice acting and characters were. By the end, I wanted to cry because FFXIII is still a year away.

*Note that I never actually cried.
Hey now, episode 2 has a legit sad moment in it that made many a people cry
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Nothing right now, really. Maybe in the future when I can finally start Spironoactlone, but that's at least a few months off :(

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I'll 4th or whatever Nier. That game hates both you and children of all kinds.

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man all I'm depressed about now is how I'll never be able to pass as a girl :(

you need to find something closer to home to be depressed about or something

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whatever, I am DOWN for a P4 anime.

Imagine how much better it'll look when Chie kicks a tank