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As someone who knows approximately nothing about boxing, why couldn't they fight before now?

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@matatat said:

Resonance of Fate was actually pretty great as well, but kinda started to get a little stale at a certain point.

It's funny, I kept waiting for that to happen with me and it didn't. Not even when I decided to do literally all of the arena challenges at once.

Maybe it was the music?

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Resonance of Fate was amazing, I never played anything else by them but whatever

RIP in peace

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MLS: Portland Timbers

EPL: Everton

NBA: Blazers (I guess, though the only exposure I have to them is hearing someone next to my room watch the game)

I'm probably going to pick a Bundesliga team now that Fox has the rights for next season, probably be whatever team one of the USA national team members is on (Gladbach or Frankfurt I guess?)

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Persona 2 is secretly better than both of them

(mostly because of the strength of it's story, playing persona 2 is like pulling teeth most of the time)

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I hate how these types of threads just dissolve into a bunch of passive aggressive (and just outright aggressive for that metter) insults and bullshit...

Oh well. Thanks Mario Party!

Are you saying that Mario Party is an agent of evil

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I generally make it era appropriate, though I usually hit random when it's some space game.

Though I will say, if you're anal about names, don't ever play infinite space (the DS game) because that game has you name literally up to 40 spaceships.

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@arceion said:

I dislike wrestling but I love hearing them talk about it.

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Whichever came out last between Crusader Kings 2 and Nier. I'd say football manager but i actually hate the game, I just play way way way too much of it.

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I was wondering when this was going to be willed into existence. I'd have done it myself, but unless you want Twine game versions of Clown Swarm, Iconoclash, and #WRECKHAUS I don't know how to make games with graphics and stuff.

I would totally play a twine version of #RECKHAUS fwiw