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The backline was fine besides Garza, but the midfield kept losing the second balls and generally playing poorly because they assumed Haiti were scrubs.

Also, there are a large number of forwards that are > Altidore. I'd rather have Alan Gordon than Altidore at this point

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@funkydupe: I'm calling foul, no way would Barcelona play Liverpool this year, my immersion is RUINED

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That Canada/El Salvador game was so bad i almost fell asleep, that was awful.

Also that Costa Rica game was great, unfortunately they did not use Alvas Powell :(. Probably because he literally played a game late on sunday but...

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New Vegas is superior to every one of these but it really isn't a Bethesda game

I voted for it anyway, though, cause I'm a rebel

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because some people find story more important than gameplay? I loved Persona 2 but I fucking hated playing it, but the story was so good that I didn't care all that much.

(and Nier is my favorite game of all time, fwiw)

Plus, to call Nier's gameplay poor is stretching it, imo. It's not great to be sure, but it's not bad.

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Is there a quest involving that weird plague tower thing in Velen that I didn't get before exploring it?

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@animasta: Yup, Valeri needs to come back and jump start the offense or else this season is going to be a long one.

I'd still be worried, because we've had like one good game offensively since he's been gone, and being that dependant on one person is never good.

(hell, I'm worried about him starting tonight and then getting his shit kicked in by Kah)

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ugh, soccer. The Timbers are awful, we barely have a functional attack without Diego Valeri and our defense is good except for like one time per game where it's not :(

I mean, I suppose that's better than this time last year, but at least last year... the 4-3's and shit were exciting, you know?

also, @james_hayward: congrats! I watched their game the other day and they were great, hope you can keep that going in the prem.

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@shindig: I think the biggest problem with city is that they barely look like they care. The only players who look like they give it their all is Kompany, who's been in bad form for a while, Milner, who's probably leaving (hopefully to Atletico, that'd be dope) and, like, Zabaleta. Also the team is way too old.

Much like my EPL team Everton, but at least Pellegrini is a halfway decent manager :/

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Ugh I really hope Portland finally gets a win this weekend, we should've won last week but Alan Gordon sucks D: