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Football Manager, I always make notes for depth chart business

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@believer258: speak of the devil and he shall appear!

I like FFX-2 because of how utterly stupid it is. It reaches borderline self-parody with some of the things it does and as someone who can get tired of the self-serious nature of Final Fantasy I really enjoyed that. I fully understand why someone who loved FFX would find this game (essentially a quick cash-in after The Spirits Within lost a bajillion dollars and forced Square to merge with Enix) insulting.

The combat is actually fun though. It's quick and snappy and has those ridiculous sailor moon-esque transformation sequences every time you change jobs. It's just the kind of dumb I can get behind.

I agree with you though I never completed it (that last dungeon was too much for me)

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Keep your fetish off the website pal

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Basically the best

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Sporting Kansas City is probably the most complete team, Portland if you like exciting football and like to see teams bleed out leads

Seattle is probably the best team in the league though

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stop with the anti dan ryckert stuff, make a new thread

this is about the world cup of football slash soccer

and I guess the timbers/sounders match later

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Mascherano was a better player than Messi, now that I think about it

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Portland vs Seattle on tonight. The only major sport where we can keep the I-5/ OregonWashington rivalry alive! The fans just do. not. like each other at all! Battle for the northwest! Go Timbers!


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@humanity said:

That was a beautiful goal to win the championship on.

it was pretty sick

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@smcn said:

@andorski said:

I'm missing a step here. How does this relate to the segment of feminist supporters who actively push for women to be in the games industry? This looks like s separate incident.

Because MRA.

Bottom line? You all can weep for Max Temkin's reputation all you want, but I guaran-fucking-tee you that the woman in question and everyone on her side are getting quite a few more death threats than him right now.

Do you really think anyone's that defensive of fuckin Max Temkin to send death threats? Unless they were MRA's in the first place and Max was just a good excuse to send death threats to people like her.