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They actually have an Endurance Run every time they review a game. The thing, they don't show it to us. Think about it.

this sounds like something someone in a stoner comedy would say

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Fucking eh, I can never get enough of the GB crew. I would watch them doing just about anything.

Next on GB, watch Jeff Gerstmann file his federal income tax return!

jeff is not a guy who would do his tax return early.

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@Oldirtybearon: I think feelings are absolutely valid in some debates, such as this one. It's ultimately subjective whether you find something sexist or not, regardless of any dictionary definition of sexism, and I don't think you can respond to "well I think this game is sexist" to "no you are wrong", because it's his thought/opinion and not a grounded from stone. If we were having a debate about logical details that's fine, but he never factored in any actual definition of sexism into his opinion.

I mean, there's no difference in saying "I'm of the opinion that gays shouldn't marry" to "gays shouldn't marry", but there's a difference when saying "I think this game is sexist" to "this game is sexist". That's because there's only two factors in the first statement; yes/no. Someone can say this game is very sexist, this game is mildly sexist, there's some iffy stuff but nothing too bad, to nope it is not.

I guess I don't know, I'm stopping because I am mad tired so later?

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origin is fine, honestly.

no opinion about MoH, but origin's alright.

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the game can certainly be sexist; it's all based on what you think sexism is.

There is a generally accepted consensus on what sexism is and what behaviours it constitutes. I think I did a reasonably effective job of highlighting a bunch of ways that DmC is in fact, not sexist, but apparently that means I'm being a dick or something.

the problem with your discussion style is that you are acting as anita does, stating your opinion as fact.

I speak with conviction. That is not the same thing as "stating opinion as fact." That other guy presented his interpretation and I found it lacking in examples as well as sound logic. I then presented my own interpretation with examples and (hopefully) sound logic. That is what makes me right and him wrong.

sexism is a variable just like anything else. what's worse: rapelay or BMX XXX? just because the latter is better doesn't mean it's okay, after all... and that variable can be as high or low as one wants it to be.

also your 'speaking with conviction' makes it very tiring to argue with you, because you never seem to even attempt to see from the other side. Plenty of others do, including people I largely disagree with, but you do not.

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only thing I imported was the FF XIII soundtrack. Which I really liked (obviously)

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@Oldirtybearon: the problem with your discussion style is that you are acting as anita does, stating your opinion as fact. I haven't played the game so I have no opinions either way, but the game can certainly be sexist; it's all based on what you think sexism is. Just because you're more articulate than me (though this is because my hands are probably carpal tunnel ridden), or that other guy, doesn't make you any more or less right.

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Persona 3 portable is very similar, go with that.

Persona 2 is also good but... they're very different games.

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For people who don't care, you're not helping by posting and making this steamroll into probably another hundred or so comments.

Hearing that the characters other than Kat and Dante's mother are just sexual playthings is not very encouraging, are there specific moments that are egregious? I don't mind getting spoiled.

honestly you're better off creating a topic to discuss it without mentioning her than getting anything good out of this topic.

Yeah, have a feeling this thread will go bad quick.

The cast of the game is tiny. There's Dante, Vergil, Mundus, Kat, Mundus's succubus, a couple of bosses, some demon with half a head, and that's it. The general public is portrayed as fat, gross wastes of skin and the only other women that are depicted at all in the game (aside from Kat, succubus, and Eva) are the two strippers Dante has a threesome with in the opening credits.

But he totally subjugated them and oppressed them, he even made one of them write "had a great time, call me" on his forearm. That asshole. How dare he pleasure those women.

Sex is clearly only for the benefit of men, women get nothing out of consensual sex. I think I should also point out F/F/M threesomes never happen, not once in the history of man. We're all about the 1v1.

to be fair, F/F/M is way way more common in fiction than F/M/M, of which I can only remember the three way song from SNL with lady gaga

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@Animasta: Ironic considering you're being hypocritical by repeatedly bumping this thread. If you disapprove of it so much, stop posting. Secondly, everyone holding hands and hating on someone who is a horrible person is a lot more productive than 90% of Off-Topic threads, especially when they deserve it. Feel free to create your own super entertaining thread if you want to bump this off the front page so bad.

oh noooooooooo, I'm hypocritical

I''m just saying that a topic more focused on DMC rather than Anita would be more handy for him, because 4/5's of this topic is arguing about her and that wasn't really relevant to him (unless that's not what you were talking about? I am tired and you weren't specific).

also this thread is fun now, me and ODB had our discussion and now we are the bestest of buds and are having a gay old time