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MLS: Portland Timbers

EPL: Everton

NBA: Blazers (I guess, though the only exposure I have to them is hearing someone next to my room watch the game)

I'm probably going to pick a Bundesliga team now that Fox has the rights for next season, probably be whatever team one of the USA national team members is on (Gladbach or Frankfurt I guess?)

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Persona 2 is secretly better than both of them

(mostly because of the strength of it's story, playing persona 2 is like pulling teeth most of the time)

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I hate how these types of threads just dissolve into a bunch of passive aggressive (and just outright aggressive for that metter) insults and bullshit...

Oh well. Thanks Mario Party!

Are you saying that Mario Party is an agent of evil

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I generally make it era appropriate, though I usually hit random when it's some space game.

Though I will say, if you're anal about names, don't ever play infinite space (the DS game) because that game has you name literally up to 40 spaceships.

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@arceion said:

I dislike wrestling but I love hearing them talk about it.

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Whichever came out last between Crusader Kings 2 and Nier. I'd say football manager but i actually hate the game, I just play way way way too much of it.

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I was wondering when this was going to be willed into existence. I'd have done it myself, but unless you want Twine game versions of Clown Swarm, Iconoclash, and #WRECKHAUS I don't know how to make games with graphics and stuff.

I would totally play a twine version of #RECKHAUS fwiw

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I dunno it kinda sucks they have that in the game. Why? It sounds gross

dude, you should try and find Norrland (one of Cactus's earlier games). That game is so much more fucked up than Miami is

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@irvandus said:

I'm going to start my own website to start covering this new porn video game enterprise. I think I'll name it Giant Boning.

if your giant bone lasts more than 4 hours please call a doctor immediately

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@mikemcn: man who hasn't genocided nearly all the jedi? That's a friggin plot point in KOTOR2