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If they could afford to put in more production time, then sure. I'm honestly surprised at the amount of negative answers to this question. Not negative as in bad but just simple "no." I understand that the ol' gang didn't start out with reviews in the traditional sense but when they began doing, it just kind of became part of their thing. The lack of video reviews and reviews in general has been somewhat disappointing and worrisome that they may not continue covering video games much longer. But I guess they've put in more than their fair share of time. It was sad to see them break up and the loss of several members during the GameSpot era and it will definitely hurt when Giant Bomb comes to a close. Hopefully some worthy gamers out there will pick up the torch and carry us forward when that happens.

what the heck are you on about?

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Was in the conservative wing + kennedy?

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Why is everyone picking famous actors? You have to go obscure with that shit

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Does VGCW count as wrestling? If it does I'll go with that since that's basically all I'm watching along with soccer youtube videos.

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Personally I've never had the pushy preorder guy. Ever.

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@beachthunder: I dunno, you might be thinking of the other infinite space. Mine's the JRPG by Platinum...

That's exactly what I'm thinking of. However, the other game you're probably thinking of is Endless Space :P

there is an actual second infinite space

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@beachthunder: I dunno, you might be thinking of the other infinite space. Mine's the JRPG by Platinum...

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hey, good job at losing 90 pounds.

Sounds difficult!

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Nier, Ghost Trick, Zeno Clash 2, Infinite Space, Digital Devil Saga 2.

All of those being late game reveals that shouldn't be spoiled, obviously.

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I feel like if you were to type 2 more paragraphs it would degrade into timecube