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That's billion bucks?

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This is all because you broke your bad journalism glass Patrick

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@rollingzeppelin said:

So sorry to hear that duder :(. I just got a cat a couple months ago and he's the most adorable little bugger I've ever seen, I would be devastated if he died.

What was his name?

buddy, sheesh, read the OP next time! (:P)

thanks y'all, I'm better now, I've known it was coming for a while but you know how it goes

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Someone pressed B I guess

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It's too literal. They should have been more subtle with their political references. It would have been easy to make it not so direct.

As it stands it's very offensive and makes sense it would be removed.

you fly over Baza with Misrael jets trying not to kill civilians

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Dan did formally apologize for his soccer comments and deleted those tweets fwiw.

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@j12088: Not just convinced them to play Mario Party, but play the 50-turn version. And proceeded to troll them hardcore just by gleefully enjoying it while they wallowed in misery. All while suggesting a tournament spanning every entry in the main franchise.

I did not know I wanted this so badly until I watched it.

Still can't believe that happened tbqh

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Vice City has the best physics (spec. bike physics) of any open world game that has ever been made and will be made

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Football Manager, I always make notes for depth chart business