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Brad is bad at arguing, news at 11

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go forth and write the next evil bong trilogy patrick

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It gonna be Velvet Sundown

Boyle has this great idea for a nightclub

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It is the game of the previous generation so it is absolutely worth that price.

yep. me and you, we know what's up

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it's worth 200 dollars!

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I still hate Brad for pushing for Skyrim so hard, so whatever!

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They're basically Nocturne, only easier and with a more traditional story and without demon fusing. Instead, you buy spots on a grid. Both games also feel more linear.

I made it some ways through Digital Devil Saga 2 before getting fed up with the fucking story. I thought it got pretty dumb and the dialog was just completely stiff and wooden. Mechanically, though, both games are pretty great and well worth a shot if you like the combat in SMT games.

The dialogue being stiff and wooden is, well, part of the story
(also ofc the story is pretty dumb, that's part of it's charm!)

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DDS and DDS2 are cool as hell and DDS2 has the best soundtrack of any SMT related game.

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I feel like there are two conversations and two pieces of information in this thread and neither are communicating with the other.

Also, fwiw to the guy who was asking, Dark Souls 1 ran much better for me without GFWL (and DSfix, obviously). I lagged so bad in blighttown I had to be offline, but now it's... still not great but I'm getting double digit frames.

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@extomar said:

Random thought: What if the reason why Nick didn't want to air this in the channel was because they didn't want to deal with "Korrasami"?

That's a question I'm having too, only the other way. Korrasami was never an actual thing until season 3 (as far as I've heard), which is when it moved online. Maybe that's why they were so supportive (relatively, of course) of it?