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So you've literally spent every waking hour playing Football Manager?

that number is definitely inflated in that I don't turn it off even when I'm watching youtube videos or getting exercise but yeah basically

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Football Manager 2014.

It's literally all I've played in the past 3 weeks. I am close to 500 hours in steam and I've had it for about a month

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That's Mike Horn? For some reason I pictured him pale white and scrawny.

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@animasta said:

I don't wish anything was an HBO show since I don't get HBO & have little interest in anything they produce.

Good thing you let us know, I would have been sweating bullets wondering. I can sleep tonight now, thanks!

I'm just saying that people have this weird boner for all things HBO and it's a little annoying; plenty of other stations are capable of doing what HBO does but no one cares because, well, they're not HBO.

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I don't wish anything was an HBO show since I don't get HBO & have little interest in anything they produce.

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@animasta: What it comes down to is that Bungie was well within their rights to fire him, even it that reason is "just 'cause."

I honestly don't care about him (I'm sure he'll find work because people seem to like that halo music) I was mostly just clarifying for my own benefit.

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@animasta: Washington is an at-will state.

I just checked and you're right, but they aren't the worst state about that because apparently there are tiers or whatever.

I could barely understand it because fuck legalese though

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@flippyandnod: washington isn't an at will state though iirc. Usually it's more republican states and Washington being one wouldn't make a bunch of sense.

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That game (only talking about the first one) is kinda hot bullshit. The voice acting is uniformly terrible, it's boring as hell when you aren't fighting things, and honestly talking to people is not an interesting activity.

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I learned that i'll never be able to un-see a topless Jeff Green.

Why would you want to?

I was totally going to say those exact words.

are you a mind reader