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game owns if y'all don't have it get it (it's where my username comes from IN FACT)

I unfortunately do not own a sweet scuba looking helmet though.

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dude, you should not have said anything meme related, so you did good. It would just make you look really geeky and I would do nothing but be embarrassed for you about it.

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Just a thing, are any of you guys even black? Like with women in gaming, men seem to make the biggest deal out of the lack of female protagonists. Where is the outcry by the black community for more black people in gaming?

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He is just a dude, who happens to be black, and he is totally relatable to anyone who plays the game regardsless of their race.

It's almost like he's...dare I say...human? We need to get past these issues, dudes. We have a black president, I think that's a deffinet indication that black people "won the war". Let's stop celebrating political correctness for the sake of celebrating political correctness.

the fuck does that even mean? all anyone is saying that he's a good protagonist who isn't a saint or a villain who just happens to be black, which is very rare in video games.

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@JasonR86: Patrick liked XCOM though! RDR was never going to win because the 4 of them liked ME2 and only 3 of them liked RDR. but I think everyone will like the top two games (xcom and walking dead) here.

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Well hopefully the ceasefire lasts a little longer.

Also hope Hamas doesn't get reelected but after this I have to imagine that they're support within Gaza is stronger than ever.

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@SuperWristBands: sure, but subconsciously who knows?

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@SuperWristBands: I feel like it gets better (though episode 12 has some ridiculous plot armor shit going on).

also the running at someone thing is an actual Thing done by child soldiers because grown men subconsciously miss because hey it's a child you shouldn't shoot them.

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@Bourbon_Warrior said:

@Animasta said:

god I know what it means I'm not an idiot (If I didn't, I doubt i would've mentioned ME2).

I just wanted to know where the phrase came from <_<

I don't think you did since your question pretty much asked where it came from and you asked is ME2 the origin (lol).

Seems you are just getting angry with people that are answering your simple question, so next time just try Google, Yahoo Answers or even Ask Jeeves.

but I was specifically talking about Giant Bomb UGH, and I already searched the forums, so don't be snide

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@Canteu said:

@Animasta said:

GB started saying it way more than is normal so I was wondering what started that.

Probably because there has been a lot of dark middle chapters in recent years, what with it being a trope and all.

thats not what trope means, don't let TVTropes confuse you (also a trope doesn't mean something that has gotten popular lately).

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@Canteu said:

@Animasta: the phrase came from it's own meaning. pretty self explanatory of an origin if i must say.

there's different ways of saying it though, and regardless GB started saying it way more than is normal so I was wondering what started that.