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@scalpel said:

The fact that you use "cis" is enough to not take you seriously.

tell me the proper word to use for non transsexuals then.

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@Canteu said:

@Animasta: "stop-telling-me-to-not-be-offended-please"

"don't be offended by this"

That's how.

I hold no stance on the matter either way, i just wanted to point that out.

I would use a different word if I knew of one that apparently wasn't offensive but I cannot, so...

(also maybe people are just saying they're offended even if they aren't just to fuck with me, it wouldn't be the first time)

@Droop: there was a character in a strip club that said "Oh, I'm a dude!" even though it was a lady model afaik. not the biggest deal in the world to be sure but still offensive to me, and people said I was dumb for being offended which is where this comes from.

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@Atlas: yeah in a perfect world that's how things would be but it's not, human beings have emotions and feelings and it can be hard to just say "nope, that doesn't offend me!". Humans are not rational beings

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@Video_Game_King: dude why would YOU have that option turned on? You post so much that your inbox has gotta be in the 1000's or something. Turned that shit off 5000 posts ago

@Canteu: well im not offended by trans, so how is that hypocritical? It is the dictionary definition.

@CaptStickybeard: masturbatory rants? That's not the word I'd use but FAIR ENOUGH

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@Video_Game_King: breathing problems and the such, I'll have to go back to the hospital eventually but don't wanna go unless I really need to (been there twice and they didn't help both times, fuckers)



@Canteu: @breton: dude how else do you want me to call them, normal? because THAT's offensive to trans people. cis literally means the opposite of trans and that is literally the dictionary definition of someone who is not trans.

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@Pr1mus said:

Personally what bothers me is people that get offended and immediately go on the offensive and automatically assumes the offender is racist/misogynistic/homophobic etc... which you certainly fall under at times.

There are ways to tell people that certain words in certain context can be offensive and automatically assuming the worst about a person's character is not the right way.

I haven't done that in a year, I admit that was a problem but I have stopped doing that

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@Video_Game_King said:

@JasonR86 said:

But I also think you might be hoping for a level of discourse that these forums, or any forum really, won't allow for.

I don't know. I've had some pretty cool discussions on this site (albeit limited by my own idiocy), so it's not entirely that. Besides, that's not gonna help things. Wouldn't such an attitude create a sense of apathy that would definitely worsen these problems?

if I can reach out to one person it's all worth it

also cis is not offensive guys, it's the opposite of trans which is also not offensive

also also tranny is offensive and so is cunt but we can use that too because vinny made a funny joke once or something

also also also I don't care about people attacking me honestly, because my health is bad enough that I try to take stuff like that in stride (this topic was made because I wondered what people thought of it, nothing more).

edit: ALSO ALSO ALSO ALSO I'm really not that mad I don't know why people think I am, just disappointed (though not surprised)

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this is a response to that hitman topic obviously, but there's a larger issue here; people not looking at things from others' perspectives.

Like, if I had to guess, most of the people here are:





Nothing wrong with that! I'm not trying to blame those people whom fall under this umbrella, and I'm not saying that people who don't fall under this umbrella don't do this either. but there is a large contingent of people saying "well, don't be offended at this terrible fucking thing!". It's easy not to be offended when it doesn't personally offend YOU. Do I get super offended at gay people being called that word we are not to say? Not nearly as much; I do, but not to a point where I would get super fucking mad about it. However, I do understand why it's so terrible and I can sympathize with the pain it can bring (I like how we can say tranny all we want and people on this site have even said such a thing though hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa).

However, what can I say to a straight white man that really offends him because of those attributes? cracker, honky? breeder, het scum? prick? Do these words legitimate offend any of you? I mean it's a difference if you're a white man in like china or somethin. It's like, how about you try and look from different perspectives before saying "don't be offended", because for some it can be very hard not to be; and for some it is very easy. Some people are more emotional than others and are offended more easily.

and those slippery slope arguments are fun too! "Well if they take out this offensive dialogue and then they'll tkae this slightly less offensive dialogue out and soon all we'll have is PONG!" or fucking whatever. Honestly, I don't care if a character is personally transphobic; just don't make that out to be a good thing, or at the very least make it relevant to the story. Don't just throw in a "HAHA THAT NPC WANTED TO GET WITH THAT GIRL BUT IT WAS ACTUALLY A DUDE" That is not only offensive, it is also a terrible joke and literally has no purpose. There was mildly transphobic dialogue in Catherine, at the end, but guess what? I literally never complained about that because it was relevant to the story, it was done tastefully all the way up until then, and it was not immediately hateful. It made sense. but some were offended by it, and i respected their opinion.

All I'm saying, is there are many different types of people on this earth; try considering THEIR perspective before telling them they shouldn't be offended.

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Planescape Torment. I have made it kind of far but mannnnn that game is so old now.

Fallout 1 and 2 too.

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@Village_Guy said:

@Animasta: Maybe you should go to sleep, you seem to get really pissed off over something that isn't worth it. Sure it sucks, but really in the end it doesn't change anything or anyone, it wouldn't make the world a better or worse place anyway.

oh I know, I just really hate that argument of "people have the right to be offensive!". just as I have the right to call that argument really really dumb. It's like, not a whole lot of people here care because it's not something they have to deal with and any arguments I get are usually will be "well just stop being offended" which are usually said by straight white guys who (most of the time) have literally nothing to be offended about.

@MikkaQ: not even what I was saying but THANKS for putting words in my mouth. She said "I'm a dude!" That's literally the exact opposite of what a MtF transsexual is.